Fall Transition: Finding Beauty

One of my goals with this series is to find beauty in the fall transition. Transitions are tough, probably one of the reasons I struggle with this season.

fall transition

monarch caterpillar chrysalis after a butterfly emerged

Maybe I don’t like the fall so much because I know winter is coming. (Bonus points if you read the end of the sentence in your best Ned Stark voice.)

My favorite color is green and all the green starts to go away in the fall.  I already discussed most my fall struggles in this post so I won’t repeat myself.

This post is about how I can find the beauty in those struggles.

My Goals For Finding Beauty In The Fall Transition:

  • I’ll accept and enjoy the changing weather.  A cup of tea, a book on a rainy day or perhaps a Netflix marathon.  I won’t waste the sunny days.  I’ll get out and enjoy hikes.
  • I can use it as time to clean out my clothes and clear out the ever-present clutter in our home.
  • It’s time to make the effort to enjoy being cozy at home and not feel pressured to constantly be somewhere. It is just as possible to have fun being at home with my family perhaps more so than trying to force a fun weekend outing at every festival in town.  Or feeling guilty when we don’t go to any fall festivals.
  • It’s time to be thankful for living somewhere the seasons do change.  As much as I love my heat and summer sun, I know the other seasons are a big part of why I get to enjoy so much green during the spring and summer.  Living where it’s brown year-round and lacking for trees would not suit me.

    fall transition

    New Mexico, summer 2017, beautiful but I missed my Missouri trees

  • Finally, I will keep this quote in my thoughts when the fall season starts to get on my nerves:

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. 

(source: unknown)

fall transition


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