Fall Flowers To Brighten Things Up A Bit Around Here

Just a quick post to share the fall flowers I bought to brighten things up a bit around here. Some of summer flowers are still growing strong but a few are fading into fall.

My hanging basket of blue flowers which brought me such joy all summer has spider webs where blooms should be. While I know soon it will all fade to brown, I wanted a pop of color to complement my begonias, flowers in full fall denial.

Most garden stores aren’t exactly flush with hanging baskets.  They’ve replaced them with giant pumpkin displays and pots of mums.

I visited my very favorite local garden center today after a long fall hike (pictures of that coming soon).  They had exactly what I needed!

fall flowers

What did you get?

Most summer hanging baskets were, of course, long gone but they had a few baskets of pansies left for me to buy.  I also bought a small pot of yellow mums to replace my marigolds in a planter.  Too bad they were too small, so I guess I get to make a second trip!

The green things under the paper are hedge apples, look for a post about why I have those on Thursday.

Now, a photo of my new hanging basket:

fall flowers

My new pretty flowers

Now, when I sit on my front porch bench, I will once again have a colorful view of my new fall flowers.  Hopefully, it will be one the bees and butterflies appreciate as well.  fall flowers See my skeleton sneaking into a few of the photos?  I have also decorated for Halloween.  Perhaps I’ll share the rest of my decorations in an upcoming post.

For now, my little pot of yellow mums is simply brightening the table next to our outdoor bench.  When I go get some bulbs to plant, an item on my fall bucket list, I’ll have to get a bigger pot of mums for the planter I want to use. I tried to limit myself today.

What are your favorite fall flowers?

*This post is part of my series, 31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season.



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4 thoughts on “Fall Flowers To Brighten Things Up A Bit Around Here

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  2. Mike Anderson

    Hello Jean, I just love new look of your garden. I am terrified for summer vacation coming up. You have shared a unique idea, I loved it very much. This looks so nice. Thanks and keep posting with us.


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