A Fall Quote

I love the fall quote I’m sharing today.

fall quote

Since I was curious about the author of the quote, I did a bit of research.  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a French painter. You can read more about him on this site.

I love the new way of thinking of the fall the quote inspires. While I’m never going to be a huge fan of winter, spring is after all my second favorite season.

As I look at the pictures from my fall hike (maybe we’ll call it a walk as all the trails were paved) on Monday, I do see the spring of winter.  Do you?

Fall Walk At Little Blue Valley Park In Kansas City, Missouri

You can see my photos of the park during a different season(winter) in this post.

They weren’t mowing while I was there but had recently.  fall quote There were grasshoppers everywhere, stuff of nightmares.  Behold, the Grasshopper king! These flowers were hanging on… fall quote So was this little beetle of some sort…peering at me over the edge of the flower fall quote This little fellow was also busy working on a clover blossom fall quote fall quote Continuing on my walk… fall quote On a beautiful sunny, fall day (today was a rainy, fall day) fall quote
This little fellow put up his fists to me and my camera before scurrying away.  I’m really not sure what kind of bug this might be? fall quote There were a few puddles here and there… fall quote And ONE bench for the entire 95 acre park… fall quote These berries make me think a bit of the coming winter fall quote And of the birds…while I didn’t take any photos of birds with berries in their mouths or even near the above pictured bush, I’m so excited to share about the birds I encountered in Saturday’s post.

fall season


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