Creepy Crawlies, Stay Away!

Since it’s Thursday again, I’m simply going to share some quick tips to help the creepy crawlies stay away.

Bugs don’t bother me very much.  They make for interesting photographs and I enjoy seeing a new bug as long as it is in its home outside.

That person who relocates the spiders (with a few exceptions) outside would be me. However, I would much prefer they along with their other bug friends simply stay there to start.

What I don’t enjoy is when the creepy crawlies start to enter my home. Or when annually, the spiders decide inside our mailbox would make a great home. NO, spiders, not an ideal home.  The mailman does not approve.  Neither do I.

Here are my strategies for keeping the creepy crawlies out of our home and mailbox:

  • Especially in the fall, hedge apples.
    creepy crawlies

    Hedge apple

    While there are mixed results on the official research on these working, I’ve had good luck with them.  They do seem to solve our spiders in the mailbox problem.

    creepy crawlies

    For some reason, spiders like to crawl in here and hide with our mail.

    Adding a hedge apple inside our mailbox seems to help. creepy crawlies I just put the hedge apple in their whole on top of our weather monitor thing.   I usually also add a few hedge apples by the basement door and windows.

  • Wipe the baseboard down with essential oils known repel insects (cinnamon, peppermint, lavender, and/or tea tree oils).  I’ll also add a few drops of one or two of these to my steam mop.  As our house is in a state of refinishing flux, we have some gaps between our baseboard and the floor so I’ve started adding drops to cotton balls and sticking those in the gaps.
  • Conventional methods: my husband keeps glue traps down in our basement.  And he does spray for ants around the outside of the house although they’re usually more of a summer nuisance for us.

Do spiders and insects try to find cozy spot in your home at this time of year? What are your strategies for letting them no there is no vacancy in your home?

fall season



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3 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies, Stay Away!

  1. Laura

    Great tip using essential oil to repel the creepy crawlies! I try to avoid commercial poisons but never thought of adding essential oil to cotton balls – I will definitely give it a try this fall!

    You’re doing really well keeping up with the 31 days of writing project – maybe the 3rd time really is the charm. 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I’m a little bit new to using the essential oils on a serious level but I’ve found they work really well! I’m hoping the 3rd time is the charm, think the key may be in scheduling posts for days that I know I’ll be busy.

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