Autumn Bliss

Today, I found a bit of autumn bliss, I think. autumn bliss

This Emily Bronte quote I stumbled across seemed fitting for today.  We went on a fall hike and the leaves were fluttering away!

I talked my husband into on accompanying me on a new to me nature trail located at Unity Village.

autumn bliss I’m not sure how I’ve lived in the Kansas City area my entire life and not been aware of this amazing trail! It’s about 3 miles long.

The trees are finally starting to really show their new colors.  autumn bliss autumn bliss And of course, a few are already bare.  I notice it’s usually the taller trees.   autumn bliss Part of the hike involved a rather pretty but steep incline autumn bliss However, a lovely lake view rewarded us for our climb autumn bliss The quote I shared certainly flickered through my mind as we hiked along…

A Bit More Autumn Bliss

This tree!  autumn bliss These leaves fluttering away from the trees! autumn bliss And a bit more of the trail highlighted by the sun autumn bliss And I have to share at least one photo of this little turtle my husband spotted along the trail. autumn bliss

I will definitely visit this trail again! Perhaps, we’ll even drag the boys out there.

My husband should probably get a special shout out in this post for first agreeing to go along with me.  The information page indicated a strong possibility of seeing snakes and I needed a protector, just in case. We didn’t see any.

Also, he put up with me and my need to take a million and one (okay, actually I think the camera said 108) photos of everything!  He walked ahead and waited for me and didn’t get too impatient.

Where do you walk to find your autumn bliss?  And if you are local and reading this, did you know about this trail?

*This post is part of my series, 31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season.

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