Throw Pillow Placement

You’re really going to write an entire post on throw pillow placement?  My inner voice questioned along with the eye-roll.  Writer’s block setting in much on this 31 days series thing?  Yes, perhaps.

When getting out my fall decorations, I always pull out my little seasonal throw pillows.  They do make me happy.  Before I talk about where I place them, I thought it would be fun to share close-ups.

The first one, I think I may or may not have “borrowed” from one of the boys when they were little.  It’s a good decoration now.  It’s more of a Halloween thing than fall but I like it. throw pillow The next pillow I bought at Target over the summer.  It just matches the couch well. throw pillow My candy corn pillow was a garage sale find! throw pillow My late mother in law made me the last pillow.  It is something I cherish. throw pillow The boys used to always want to play with this pillow and always had to hear how special it was to me. It stays out until Christmas decorations take over.  Each panel shows a different scene.  I turn it to show the pumpkins prior to Halloween. throw pillow And then, turn it to the other scene for the time leading up to Thanksgiving. throw pillow

To keep this post in line with my usual Tiny Tip on A Thursday, here are my thoughts on where I put my pillows.

Throw Pillow Placement:

While I wish I had the magic touch and our home looked magazine ready rather than messy, I don’t.  Our couch is more of a large corral for stuff than any place people actually sit.  No photos of our typically covered couch, not today anyway.

It seemed silly to add throw pillows to an already cluttered couch.  I wanted them out and on display though.  My solution?  Put them on top of the couch (the couch does need to be against a wall for this to work).  throw pillow The above photo of a cleared off couch is rare and was only possible because everyone left with their stuff and I cleared it.  In a few hours, it will find itself once again covered in backpacks and jackets (and yes, I’m just as guilty as the kids in that habit).

How many throw pillows are on your couch?

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