Quick fall table decoration

Super short post tonight.  It’s been a long and rather weird day.  Still, I’m so close on posting for every day of this 31 day series, I wanted to hop on the computer and share something.

I wish I was sharing something a bit prettier.  I had visions of taking my clear vase and filling it with mini pumpkins and gourds.  Then, adding in pine-cones and acorns plus maybe some fall leaves.  Didn’t happen.

My plan revolved around this table runner I found at the same time I purchased my new fall purse.  While I love the look of a tablecloth, the boys prefer the wood table clear.  A table runner seemed like a good compromise.

The table runner I purchased was quite a bit shorter than I realized.  However, I decided to still run it lengthwise on the kitchen table.

I then added back on the standard bowl of apples (almost always on the table) and put the mini pumpkins and gourds beside it.  The acorn bowl is where I’ve been putting our bananas.  We were out of bananas on the day I put this together.

Is it the prettiest fall decor? No. Is it more than I typically do in the fall? Yes.

Maybe I’ll try again before fall ends.

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