Almost Halloween: Five On Friday

It’s almost Halloween.

Is it one of your favorite holidays?  I will admit it’s not one of mine.

Funny thing since I think I do the most decorating for it outside of Christmas.  For today’s Five On Friday post, I thought I’d just share some of our Halloween decorations.

Five of Our Halloween Decorations:

ONE: Ghost Mobile

My husband uses fishing wire to hang this from the maple tree in the front yard each year. almost Halloween There’s usually a large spiderweb on the tree as well… almost halloween

TWO: The Front Porch Bunting

I staple these little “flags” to the front porch rail each year when it is almost Halloween time. almost halloween almost halloween

THREE:  Mr. Skeleton

Sometimes he hangs out in the bushes, sometimes he sits on the bench, this year he’s just hanging around the garden.  He’s supposed to glow but I think he lost his glow luster a few years ago.  almost halloween almost halloween

FOUR: Our Almost Halloween Signal AKA The Bat Signal

almost halloween I really need to take a picture of this at night to give an idea of the full effect.  almost halloween

FIVE: A Jack-O-Lantern!

My husband added this one last night.  He brought home a pumpkin (from the grocery store, it seems our pumpkin patch days are over…).  almost halloween He ended up carving it by himself.  almost halloween He did a pretty good job, don’t you think?  almost halloween

Of course, I also have some indoor fall and Halloween decorations.  Perhaps, I’ll share those in a future post.  There are still four days left in my 31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season Series after all, not that I’m counting down or anything.

Are you glad it’s almost Halloween?  Do you decorate for it?

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