Five Birds I Saw This Week

One of the five birds I saw this week gave me a bit of a thrill.  Once again, the week gave me little time or decent weather for a nature hike.  However, I saw enough different birds during my week to satisfy me.

And hopefully, today, I’ll be able to get out and go on a nature walk to see a few more.  If the weather holds.  It’s another gray and gloomy Saturday.  Hoping the sun arrives soon. The weather is, thankfully, warmer at least.

The Five Birds I Saw This Week:

ONE: A Tufted Titmouse

This silly little fellow lit on the basketball goal on Sunday afternoon. As if he were contemplating shooting a few hoops.  five birds He then flew over to the fence.

TWO: A Silly Sparrow

Wanted to join in the action and play a game of backyard hoops. Chased the little Tufted Titmouse away from his perch.  five birds Silly sparrows, basketball is not for birds.  five birds

Three: A Brown Creeper

Not the best picture but these tiny little birds do not stay still for long! five birds The tail-feathers helped me identify this little bird. five birds

Four: An Early Halloween Treat on Monday, A Backyard Hawk.  I think this is a Cooper’s Hawk.

Monday was both cold and windy.  I spied this hawk land on a tree in my neighbor’s yard and so ran out on the deck with my camera and did my best to zoom in on him.  five birds Here’s a close-up of his body and tail-feathers.  Let’s pretend I took the below photo on purpose.

five birds

A photo that would have made my mother proud, she always managed to cut off heads in her photos.

Truly, a beautiful bird and a great lesson in how hard it is to use a zoom lens without a tripod, especially on a super cold and windy day. five birds five birds

Five: A Downy Woodpecker

No time for a nature walk on Thursday since I was called into work.  However, I work close to a great little park where I like to go and decompress on my lunch break.  Parked the car against a wooded area (the parking lot is for people who do have time to go and walk) on yet another gloomy day.

First a little Chickadee said hello.  Then, a mass of Robins.  Followed by this little guy who made me long for my good camera.  Still captured a photo of him with my phone.  five birds ****

Joining in with Five on Friday (Yes, I know it’s Saturday) hosted by the F.A.S.T. blog and The Bird Depot hosted by Anni from I’d Rather B Birdin’.

What birds did you see this week?


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7 thoughts on “Five Birds I Saw This Week

  1. Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

    Fantastic birds!!! Awesome images. I especially liked the first image of the titmouse….so well composed. And the Brown Creeper…I remember seeing one long long ago, but never took a photo of it!!

    You participating in linking up this weekend at I’d Rather B Birdin’ is appreciated…thanks!!

  2. Rebecca L Knox

    Beautiful bird shots, Jean! I especially like the hawk pics! Good job! This week I’ve seen northern harriers, red-tailed hawks, an American kestrel, sparrows, crows, goldfinches, tufted-titmice, and mourning doves.
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..Welcome November!My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. It was so fun to see a hawk in the backyard like that in a spot where I could capture it with the camera. I see them all the time when driving but of course, that’s not the ideal time to be taking any photos! I would love to see an American kestrel.

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