Happy Homemaker Monday, The After Work Edition

I’m just sitting down to plan my week after a busy weekend followed by a full workday Monday. Linking my post to Sandra’s Happy Homemaker Monday like always.

This is the last Monday we’ll have a teenager in our house.  Next Monday, we’ll have two teenagers in the house! J’s 13th birthday is on Wednesday so it should be a fun one.

Breakfast Time: What Is On The Plate This Morning

Seems so long ago but I started my day with coffee and a peach cobbler yogurt.

Right Now I Am

Ignoring the huge pile of laundry on the bed while I type up this post.

The Weather Outside

Dark and Gray.  Not as cold as last week but definitely not super warm.  It’s supposed warm up again though.

Looking Around The House

Oh how I need to clean!

On Today’s To-Do List

  1. Work
  2. Fold and put away laundry
  3. Clean kitchen (dishwasher is unloaded/loaded at least)
  4. Talk to my husband about what we’re getting J for his birthday (no idea still)
  5. Sleep??  or Make list for tomorrow.  Commit to self that I am NOT working tomorrow, too much to do!

Currently Reading

Finished reading Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton over the weekend and loved it.  No surprise about that.  Started in on a book titled, Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention by Ben Parr. Is it bad to say a book about capturing attention is not holding mine?  I’ll try to stick with it for a couple more chapters and see though.

On The TV Today

Nothing.  I may flip on Netflix while I fold laundry but I’m not sure what I’ll watch.

On The Menu This Week

The menus close to holiday weeks are always hard ones for me to plan.  And this one has a birthday dinner thrown in it. I also need to do a grocery store run.

MONDAY: G went to Taco Bell with a friend, J and I split a can of chicken noodle soup. My husband isn’t home from work yet.  *I worked 8-4*

TUESDAY:  Pork chops

WEDNESDAY: J requested chicken legs for his birthday dinner.  We’ll probably also get a Rotisserie chicken since not everyone is a fan of the chicken legs.  I’m thinking of making a giant salad to go along with the chicken.  And of course, we’ll have chocolate cake with white icing. *I work 8-1*

THURSDAY: Something easy. Maybe tacos?  *I may be working 9:30-6*

FRIDAY:  OUT! Or ordering pizza.

New Recipe I Tried Or Want To Try

This Triple Mint Chocolate Fudge recipe caught my eye! Sounds great for Christmas. Might be a fun thing to take to my December Bunco night.

One Of My Simple Pleasures

Trying new kinds of flavored coffee.

Favorite Photo From The Internet Or Camera

A carpet of leaves

Praying For

Wisdom and understanding.

Quote For The Week

The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore. (Jalaluddin Rumi)


What’s on your agenda for the week?



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6 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, The After Work Edition

  1. Mrs. U

    Hi Jean!
    I LOVE your fall leaves photo!!!! Don’t you just hear that little voice scream “GO JUMP NOW!!!” when you see a pile of leaves? 🙂

    Mrs. U

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! We took advantage of yesterday being national fast food day, can’t get much simpler than that 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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