Nature Break For Five On Friday

Let’s take a nature break for today’s Five on Friday.

Still fall around here.  The stressful time of year has fully arrived.

Sometimes, I need a break from the stress.  Even good things bring a bit of stress at times.  Seems I just can’t stop embracing our fall scenery (Look what that 31 days series did to me! Made me appreciate fall a tiny bit.).

Most of these photos will be from my walk yesterday when I took Nathaniel Hawthorne’s advice to not waste the autumnal sunshine.  Good thing because today is once again gray and gloomy outside.

An Autumn Nature Break

One: Leaves Carpeting The Neighborhood

J grudgingly agreed to walk around the block with me last Saturday.  Neither one of us could resist the urge to crunch and stomp through the leaves on the street.  nature break

The strong fall winds even blew some of the still green leaves to the street.  nature break Bare trees mixed in with those still holding their leaves at the end of the block. nature break We have a soft and crunchy yellow carpet covering our front yard. nature break

Two: Leaves On The Neighborhood Trees

A few brave leaves cling bravely to their trees despite our cold, windy days.  nature break nature break nature break

Three: Sunny Day At The Park

nature break

Nature break

Sun flare practice

Four: It’s A Bird! It’s A… Nature Break Plane! However, The birds were there just not in the sky.

Nature break

More photos of my duck friends coming soon

Five: The Waterfall

The park’s waterfall (and namesake) is actually man-made and they turn it off and on.  It’s been off lately, I guess for maintenance?  However, the waterfalls were both going strong yesterday.

Nature break

The small waterfall.

Nature break

The larger “show piece” water fall

Nature break These little flowers are growing in the rocks beside the bigger waterfall. Nature break Thanks for taking a nature break with me today and putting up with inability to pare down my photos to just five.  Nature break

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10 thoughts on “Nature Break For Five On Friday

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. And yes, I do love those carpet of leaves but I sure don’t want to think about breaking out the rake! Raining today so no worries there. Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  1. Martha

    Love all of your fall photos! Of course here in Florida we don’t really get any real change of seasons. Fall just means a break from the sweltering triple digit heat of summer but that’s about it. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Our change of seasons haven’t been as pronounced lately but I still think the “regular” Florida heat would be nice in February 🙂

  2. bettyl - NZ

    Fall photos are special to me because I certainly miss them! Here in New Zealand, most of the trees are pine. Of course, that means there is lots of green in winter, but I don’t get to see fall colors.
    bettyl – NZ recently posted..greenMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I love Pine trees, so pretty but I do think I would miss all the fall color as well. New Zealand sure seems like such a beautiful place!

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  4. Cathy

    Lovely photos, when my teens were much younger they’d crunch along in the leaves. Now the youngest (15) sweeps / rakes them up for me – but only if I ask him too. Have a good week, Cathy x

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