What’s Going On Wednesday: Trying To Get Through The Week

Thought I would do a What’s Going on Wednesday post.  Maybe it will help motivate me.  Anyone else having motivation issues this week?

The entire week so far (we’re halfway through it!) has felt a bit like a long uphill climb. Wednesday If each of those steps in that photo above were an item on my to-do list, I’d be standing on the bottom one.  Still.

I thought maybe sitting down to share a post would help me over the hurdle of my procrastination.

What’s Going On This Last Wednesday In November:

  • While I got a break this time, the boys both came back sick from Thanksgiving.  J stayed home from school today.  The school probably already mailed my nasty letter regarding his attendance.  The kid has straight A’s so I’m not really all that concerned.
  • I made cranberry sauce yesterday.  Just for me.  I missed it at Thanksgiving.  Not one to complain (much) but the canned stuff is nasty. Tried not to be too miffed that when I offered to bring it, family said the good kind would be there.  It wasn’t. Turns out it freezes so I’m all set for Christmas at least.
  • My fall decor is sitting in a big pile on the sofa and on top of the bookcase beside it.  I need to take it downstairs.   Put the Christmas tree up and half-decorated it on Sunday evening.  The tubs still sit in the living room.
  • G said he’d add his special ornaments on December 1st.  And when he had his own tree (if he even bothered) when he was an adult, it wouldn’t go up until at least December 15th.  Teenagers!  Apparently, I put the tree up too early for their tastes.
  • I still need to clean the house and gather items for the charity truck. That job feels even more daunting than the staircase on the trail.  Feels more like this: Wednesday Wednesday
  • Blog business?  Work? Fun? Not sure what I want to call it.  Have a few e-mails that need replies, long-overdue replies.  Some very kind offers but since I do this for fun and not profit, I will likely decline most.  Some posts percolating in my brain: a half-written one regarding hard holidays, a fun Christmas movie list (we tend to favor offbeat movies over the classics), and the story of our Elf on the Shelf.

Well, my timer sounding tells me it’s time to hop off here and at least clear a surface somewhere in hopes of a more steady path to getting things done: Wednesday

What does your path look like this week?


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4 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday: Trying To Get Through The Week

    1. Jean Post author

      Hope you feel better and don’t end up sick. That’s no fun, lots of stuff going around this time of year. I did get a little bit more done yesterday using a timer. Of course, I’m having the same motivation problems today. My problem today is I just can’t decide where to focus, cleaning the house or running errands or neither (ha, that one is winning!).

  1. Rebecca L Knox

    I so enjoy reading your posts, Jean! I love the “What’s Going On Wednesday” title. Is that something you coined? Do you mind if I use it sometime? I recognize the scenery in your pictures and it’s so beautiful…anytime of year. I’ve actually been there in ice and snow. Highly treacherous, but very, very beautiful! I’m feeling a bit better tonight. Managed to wash the bedding and do a few things around the house. Another couple of days and I should be back on top of stuff. Have a blessed rest of the week. 🙂
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..Tuesday TidbitsMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! The What’s Going On Wednesday title was actually the idea of a friend of mine who no longer blogs. The idea was to write a simple post about things going on outside of the blog, sort of a “behind the scenes” idea. No, I don’t mind if you use it at all. I did think of you while I was on that trail 🙂 We’ve gone on it in the winter before though not snow and ice, probably more like mud and ice on a warmer day. I bet it would be beautiful in the snow! Hope you feel much better for the weekend and have a great one.


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