Quick Productivity Tip For This Busy Season

Thought since this is a super busy time of year, I’d share a quick productivity tip.  I’ve actually already posted about this tip once.  It’s one I do return to when I feel overwhelmed.

And it involves making a list, something I still despise but force myself to do when it becomes apparent the only solution to my overwhelm is to sit down and write out those pesky to-do tasks on a daily basis. Mostly, I’m a I know what I need to do, why should I make a list type person?  Oh boy, I realized I sound just like my youngest son.

This quick productivity tip comes from Allyson Lewis and is really simple.  She has a list here of 21 Ways to Improve Your Productivity and this is item number 4 on her list.  You simply complete 5 tasks before 11:00a.m.  I always find I get more done when I use this method.

My list stays simple.  And I’ve learned the hard way to keep it at 5 items.  Trying to squeeze in 7 gets overwhelming.  It’s better to “follow the rules” and keep the list at 5 items and let anything else be a bonus.

My 5 Tasks For This Morning:

  1. Write and Publish A Blog post.  (Trying my best not ignore my blog entirely during the next few weeks. Every year at this time, I have so many ideas for posts that I never seem to get written and published.)
  2. Unload and Load Dishwasher (I was lazy last night) AND wash the pans!
  3. Put a roast in the crock pot for dinner tonight.
  4. Clean out my purse.  It’s full of receipts and trash and I don’t know what else. I want to be able to easily find things in it when I go shopping later today.
  5. Take a Christmas present inventory. I need to get out the hidden presents and stocking stuffers and see what I have (I already know: not much).

I also made a quick list of 5 tasks I’d like to get done after 11. If they don’t happen today, I’ll just bump them to my list for tomorrow morning.

The rest of my to-do list for today (the to-do list for Christmas planning is much longer!):

  1. Go Christmas shopping (need to get Secret Santa gift for my work party tomorrow night!)
  2. Clean out fridge!
  3. Grocery store (need cheese ball ingredients plus food for the teenagers who eat non-stop)
  4. Spend 15 minutes cleaning every room in our house
  5. Write out and mail 5 Christmas cards (also on my shopping list for today)

Is your holiday to-do list overwhelming?  What’s on your list for just today?

(Excited to be completing item 1 from the list of 5 tasks before 11).





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2 thoughts on “Quick Productivity Tip For This Busy Season

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I always get more done when I start out focused in the mornings. Of course, starting out focused on this Monday morning is seeming to be a bit of a struggle…


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