Elf Magic

Remember when elf magic only made cookies?  Sometimes, I miss those days.

Really though, I do enjoy “Buddy” our Elf on the Shelf.  He’s seldom on a shelf.  And one of those famous terrible North pole snow storms typically messes with his travel schedule each year.  He’s not a timely elf due to those pesky weather patterns.  Often, his arrival is about 2 weeks before Christmas.

And he certainly manages to get into enough mischief in those days leading up to Christmas:

He does usually come around to the meaning behind the season nearer to Christmas day: He joined our family rather late in terms of the kids’ ages.  J was in 5th grade and G a Freshman in high school when he arrived.  J’s 5th grade teacher had an elf and we were hearing about it daily.

Along with a “we should get one!”  My husband thought it was silly.  The boys were too old for such nonsense.  Sometimes though…it’s nice to have a little extra magic around the holidays especially when the fun is starting to fade a bit. Buddy joined our family in mid-December that year.

We don’t buy into the whole he’s spying on us and reporting back to the North pole stuff.  Basically, our elf just arrives and brings an extra dose of Christmas fun.  For the record, I should state G started out referring to him as “the creepy elf” and though it’s been suggested he might, Buddy’s yet to stare at G as he sleeps over night.

Every morning, J wakes up and searches to see what antics Buddy dreamed up overnight.  We’re all glad Buddy the elf joined our family.  It’s a fun way to start our busy December mornings.

Buddy is sleeping in our Christmas tree today.  Wonder how I could convince that darn elf to do my shopping and baking for me?

Note: If I had young children, I’d probably go with this option of the kindness elves instead.  If and when I ever decide to try full-time preschool teacher options, they will definitely visit my class in December.


Does an elf on the shelf reside in your home?


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2 thoughts on “Elf Magic

  1. Christine

    Your elf pics are too cute! I’ve never seen the kindness elves before, those are cute too! What a neat idea.

    We have two elves because one year, our first elf was umm….on a secret mission….so secret, mom and dad didn’t even know where he was. So he sent his sister in his place. And every year since then, there are two elves together…and now they roll around with a reindeer too. They started out really nice, but found that pulling pranks on each other was much more fun 😉
    Christine recently posted..Live in the MomentMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks. Love the story about having 2 elves because one was on a secret mission. Too funny. I bet it is a lot more fun with 2 of them. Also, hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Nice to see you back in blog-land.


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