Putting Away Christmas Ornaments

I spent some time on the 26th taking down the tree and putting away Christmas ornaments.  I actually debated leaving the tree up a while longer. So unusual for me!

However, I ultimately decided not to change my tradition and took our tree down the day after Christmas. Technically, the night after Christmas as I didn’t start until around 7p.m. Highly unusual.

Naturally, right as I started putting away Christmas ornaments, my oldest son sent a text to come pick him up from his friend’s house.  So, I left my husband and J in charge for a bit.  Probably won’t make that mistake again.

Note to husbands: Do NOT interfere with your wife’s system for taking down the Christmas tree.  Just don’t do it.

Last year, I was sick at Christmas and my husband and kids helped take down the tree or maybe I was delirious, not sure.  At least, this year, my husband did go buy me some new tubs for the decorations which I organized as I dismantled the tree.

G scoffed as I wrote labels directly on the tubs with a Sharpie. Some day the kid will understand.

One struggle I always have with putting away Christmas ornaments is protecting them properly.  There are lots of posts for organizing balls and such like this one.  I wish our decorations fit in cute containers like that!

However, my experience is those cute labels end up facing the wall (why I wrote ON the lid of my bins with a sharpie!) and our decorations never fit quite right.  Some day, we’ll have a tree adorned with balls and bows perhaps.  Right now our decorations look more like this: putting away Christmas ornaments These special ornaments need to be carefully wrapped before storing in a box (I just use boxes we’ve had for years or newer ones from Amazon depending).

Here are my tiny tips for what to use for packing away the special, breakable Christmas ornaments:

  • The outside of the tissue paper you bought for Christmas gifts
  • All the tissue paper from the gifts sitting around the house
  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • For the truly special ones, those plastic store bags are great for extra padding!

One other thing I started last year: each boy has a labeled bin containing their special ornaments.


I took the tree down but the Nativity does stay out until the Epiphany.  So far little bits of Christmas still linger like the greenery around the kitchen doorway, the outdoor lights, the Santa table cloth, and the bathroom shower curtain.

This year I find I’m simply not in the mood to rush it all out the door. It’s a nice feeling to still be savoring the Christmas season a bit.

When do you take your tree down?

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