Five On Friday: Great Gifts

Wanted to join in the final Five on Friday of 2017.  Since I’m still savoring Christmas, I thought I would share some of my great December gifts.

It’s much like I’m a little kid with this post but I’m so excited about all my “stuff” that I just have to show you.  Come see!

And just like a little kid, I’m showing you my haul in a completely random order!

ONE: Candles In The Window!

J gave me these candles for Christmas! They’re pretend and they came with a remote control so you can set them to “burn” for either 5 hours or 24 hours. I think they look pretty flickering against the dark window.  (The little light up deer lantern is my husband’s present from his aunt for helping with Thanksgiving dinner. It just fits well beside the candles.  It’s also been a big topic of our favorite after Christmas discussion: Is it Christmas decor or Winter decor? Feel free to weigh in with your opinion. I voted for Winter and left it out for now.)

TWO: A Bird-feeder!

G gave me a bird feeder! I’m so excited about this. A decent chickadee picture may finally be in my future! Right now the ground outside is too hard to stake a hanger so we have the feeder sitting on the edge our backyard deck. The picture above was through the back door.  Also, we have to bring the feeder in every night so the possums and raccoons won’t attack it. So far the neighborhood squirrel population is behaving.

THREE: Good Food and Time Spent With Family

The two food pictures up above are from the celebration at my brother’s home.

We were able to spend time a bit more time with my side of the family on Christmas afternoon (we saw my husband’s siblings for breakfast at our home in the morning) and it was so wonderful not to have to rush away to the next location.

And really, I don’t think you can talk about holiday food without showing some type of dessert or candy: Inside of a Kinder egg. A new to us treat, Santa put in the stockings.  A big hit and probably another new tradition.  (Other new traditions: Christmas Crackers at breakfast and G reading The Night Before Christmas or rather ‘Twas The Night Before Solstice from Politically Correct Holiday Stories by James Finn Garner)

These were the boys’ Christmas books (standing tradition: they get new pajamas and a book on Christmas Eve):

Thank you, Half-Price Books for having something to appeal to teenagers!

Four: No More Cold Ears!

One of the many benefits of working at a preschool is stealing the fashion trends from the kids. Ha!  Not one for hats nor earmuffs and hoods while nice make it harder for me to see what’s happening. One day at work I noticed a little girl with a headband like thing for her ears (I guess they are officially called “ear warmer bands”). Later, I told my husband if those came in pretty adult sizes that is exactly what I wanted for Christmas.  He came through: 

Five: Great Advice and Good Health

Not really any way to photograph these gifts even though they are probably the most priceless of them all.

The holidays and stress certainly go together and our family is not free from the jumble of emotional roller coasters and toxic people.  It’s hard walking the tight rope between what is the right thing to do to set an example for your children, keeping peace with your spouse, and wanting to simply enjoy the holidays.  Usually, I just decide which rope we’ll walk and force the rest of my family to follow along.   

At a coffee date with a dear friend the week a few days before school let out, she suggested I ask my children what they wanted to do regarding our difficult family members.  My older son’s answer surprised me but it helped me find peace in not pushing us all to rush to spend time with people who would only gift us with stress and guilt and allowed me to enjoy more time with my side of the family (who often through no fault of their own get shorted on our time).

And finally, I spent the first Christmas I can remember in a long time in good health! I found myself with the usual respiratory sickness early in the month (around my birthday) but instead of pushing through it, I rested and went to the minute clinic when I thought it had been a bit too long.  This meant I was actually well at Christmas. It’s been a few years since I’ve felt 100% during the holiday and it made such an amazing difference. Definitely one of the best gifts ever!


Whew! I rambled on a bit with this post.  Making up for all those Five On Friday posts I missed the past few weeks perhaps?  How were your holidays?

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8 thoughts on “Five On Friday: Great Gifts

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Have a feeling the ear-warming bands will be put to good use as our temps are already predicted to drop to sub zero figures for the new year. Happy New Year to you as well!

  1. Rachel

    Lovely gifts! I love the candles. That is a great gift! As for the deer candle lantern, I think it could be kept out all winter. Perfect for Christmas AND for winter– that is just my 2 cents! 🙂 Hope you and yours have a lovely New Year!
    Rachel recently posted..Christmas 2017My Profile

  2. Gattina

    A nice Christmas with lovely gifts and good food ! I too suffer from breathing problems especially when it is so humid and we had a very humid Christmas so I was not running at 100 %

    1. Jean Post author

      Sorry you were not at 100% for Christmas, I’m still marveling at what a difference it made to feel good at Christmas. Seems even my mood was better than it’s been the past few. We could use some of that humidity in these parts, it’s been so dry. And now it’s dry and COLD. Hope you have a wonderful and healthy New Year!

  3. Mrs Tiggywinkle

    It looks as if you have had a lovely Christmas, and what a gift to be well and able to enjoy it fully. I go with “winter décor” for the lantern and think you should leave it out, it’s gorgeous. x

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you, I did enjoy our Christmas this year. Yes, I think the lantern shall stay out, perhaps it will inspire some more new winter decor. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


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