Birds At The New Feeder And A Hawk Who Came For Christmas

Actually, the hawk arrived a few days before Christmas.  However, he landed on a branch in the yard right next door which gave me an opportunity for a great photo!

And the birds at the new feeder have hardly disappointed me.

Birds At The Feeder:

(Note: all the following photos are through the glass on our back door, too cold to stand outside taking the shots plus I don’t think the birds would stay if I stepped out on the deck)

First customer, a snow bird! Then, came the Cardinal. Why, hello, little house finches! And then, my chickadees arrived.  I noticed the little snowbirds are a bit like the bully of our new backyard bird-feeder. Chasing away my little chickadees! I’m a bit unhappy with their behavior and have been yelling at them through the backdoor to be nice.

The cardinal seemed a bit more amiable toward my favorite little birds. Perhaps. I’d like to think kind, chirps were uttered in the photo below. An in-focus picture of a chickadee remains a challenge for me as you can tell from the somewhat blurry photos to follow. Just one last rather strange bird (?) to share with you all in this post: No sooner had I typed the words about our neighborhood squirrels behaving in my post yesterday when I looked out the back door and spotted this furry and featherless creature!

There was not a link up over at I’d Rather B Birdin’ this week nor was there one last week due to the holidays.  I still wanted to share the final birds I spotted in 2017 with you, even the furry one.

Hope everyone has a great New Year and the bluebird of happiness finds you and your families in 2018!

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