Bird Feeder Bliss

It’s been a week of bird feeder bliss around here!  We’ve been watching the birds, yelling at the squirrels, and of course, snapping a few photos.

Excited to share a few of my photos with you for the first Bird D’Pot link for the year.

I shared photos of our first bird feeder customers in this post.  While the regular customers continued to return along with the menacing squirrel, a few new customers came calling as well.

Bluejays came a calling! One morning, the sparrows packed the diner full! This scraggly little finch gave me quite a look another morning. And a nuthatch joined in the fun on another day! Cardinals continued to stop by for a bit in the late mornings and early afternoons. Of course, I’ve saved my favorite bird of the week for the end of this post.  Do you see him hiding (hardly) around the back of the feeder in the photo below?  Even the self-appointed bird-feeder guardians (my little snow bird and cardinal) knew to give him a bit of space. My beautiful red-bellied woodpecker! Squirrels left him alone as did the bigger birds. He does seem to tolerate the sparrows though. My favorite moment of the week, however, involved him aggressively chasing away the starling (yuck, I just don’t care for them) out of the neighborhood before the rest of his gang arrived to take over the feeder.  If only he could do the same thing with the much too abundant gang of squirrels!

Bird feeder bird of the week: red-bellied woodpecker

Have I mentioned how much I’m loving this bird feeder?  J seems to have caught a bit of my enthusiasm as well.  He’ll always let me know when birds are out there. And he took these two photos below of one of my very favorite birds, the chickadee. Such a beautiful little bird!

Other birds spotted this week:  a few seagulls flying north, my Carolina wren hopping about (though I did not see him visiting the feeder), a group of starlings, a couple of white birds diving about the water at a local park  (It was too cold and I was too lazy to go check them out properly, my guess would be more gulls), snowbirds, and a couple of pigeons sitting on a building.

What birds did you spot this week?

*Don’t forget to visit Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’, she always has great photos and wonderful bird knowledge to share.

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9 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Bliss

    1. Jean Post author

      Wow, what a kind thing to say. Thank you! I’m hoping to get out there and do a lot more birding this year (and that the weather cooperates a bit, rainy and yucky today).

  1. Phil

    Hi Jean. I feel for you and those grey squirrels, “the bovver boys” of the animal world. They have wrecked more than a few of my feeders over the years. Great pictures of your colourful buird friends, despite the pesky squirrels.

  2. Eileen

    Hello Jean, you see a nice variety of birds at your feeders. A lot of the same birds I see here, the squirrels can be a pain and try to take over. Love the birds and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I was surprised by the variety that showed up at our feeder. Hopefully, we can figure out a plan for all our pesky squirrels. Hope you are having a great start to your week!

    1. Jean Post author

      I do love to watch the birds at my new feeder. I bet you see all kinds of amazing birds at the one in the woods. Always nice to get out of the house to see the birds.


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