Happy Homemaker Monday, January 8

Happy Monday! It’s a warmer sunshine-y one in these parts.

The early morning did start with temperatures right below freezing which made for a few slick parts on the roads. News reported quite a few fender benders in the rush hour areas. Made me glad to be the one taking my older son to school this morning.  Most the roads to the high school were fine. The ones on the way to the middle school were a bit patchy in places.

Made it home to the quiet house, flipped off all the left-on lights, shut the left-open cupboard doors, ate breakfast, and am now enjoying another cup of coffee. Time to get to my Happy Homemaker Monday post.

Be sure to check out the link up with Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. It’s a fun way to plan your week.

The Weather

My weather app from the local news, I need a new one, this one keeps yelling at me “no longer supported” but still giving me the weather, says we are supposed to reach 50 degrees today!  It’s 28 degrees right now so I suppose that’s possible. First part of this week is more of the same before a drop down to 12 degrees at night with 60 percent chance of something, rain or maybe snow?

Right Now I Am

Fussing with this little gray cat: She keeps demanding my attention by jumping up here and walking along the desk. I might feel a bit nicer had she not also demanded my attention at 3a.m. by jumping on me and putting her paws on my face just to make sure I’d wake up and pet her.


About taking a nap later although I probably won’t do it.  Also, thinking about all the things I’d like to get done this week and wondering if I’ll manage it. Will mostly depend on my work schedule. Right now, I’m off all week but we all know when you are a substitute, it could change with a single text or phone call.

On My Reading Pile

I finished How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White other than working through the appendix part.  Think I’ll write a proper review of it for later this week.

I shared all the books I want to read in 2018 in this post.

On My TV

Well, not the Kansas City Chiefs! Thankfully, spring training for the Royals is right around the corner.

Finished up the second season of The Travelers on Friday night. Throughout the weekend, I spent some random time watching a few episodes of season 10 of Doctor Who. Really like Bill, the new companion, she’s like a breath of fresh air for the show.  And I’ve warmed to the twelfth doctor as well and will be sorry to see him go after this season.

Also, decided on a whim last night to try to catch up on The Blacklist on Netflix since they had added season 4 quite a while ago. It’s a good laundry folding show.

Favorite Blog Post This Week (Mine or Other)

A friend of mine recently started a blog: She Sips Coffee

She talks about planning, planners, and of course, sipping coffee! Please, go say hello to her.

On The Menu For This Week

J found the lucky cashew (my bean replacement)

Yesterday (instead of Saturday, turns out it takes a bit longer than I thought to thaw a turkey breast), we had our feast for the Epiphany. Probably a stretch to call it a feast since I forgot the sweet potatoes, didn’t have the green beans I thought we had, and so we ended up with turkey, rolls, and cranberry sauce (I’m the only one who would touch that stuff). As much as I wanted to try this recipe Tamy from Chasing My Life shared, ultimately, I simply roasted the turkey since I wanted to make sure all the picky eaters ate and there weren’t a lot of other options for meals.

Hey, at least we had cake!

MONDAY:  Spaghetti, meatballs, salad

TUESDAY:  Kielbasa, Cabbage Steaks (trying something new)

WEDNESDAY: Chicken Enchiladas, rice (frozen mini tacos for my husband and J)

THURSDAY: Birthday party/OUT (will probably make turkey and noodles to have in freezer though)

FRIDAY: Pork chops in the crock pot (carry over for about the millionth time)

On My To Do List


  1. Put away the rest of Christmas (finally!)
  2. Give the house a proper cleaning (especially the bathrooms)
  3. Pay bills
  4. Get the boys haircuts
  5. Read!

Rest of the week:

  1. Gather items for charity truck coming on Friday
  2. Get January birthday cards (maybe February ones as well)
  3. MNO on Tuesday
  4. Birthday gathering on Thursday
  5. Looks like I may be working am on Wednesday now for just a few hours
  6. Put pictures from last year (and year before) on flash drive

What I Am Sewing, Knitting, or Creating

Need to pick up the camera this week.  Would like to get some pictures sorted and maybe framed.  Big project for the week will be items for the charity truck and adding pictures to flash drives.

Looking Around The House

Needs a good cleaning!

From The Camera

Need to find a place for the poinsettia now that Christmas is over. Thinking of actually putting some blooms in vases (saw it in a magazine).

On My Prayer List

Family members, friends, the world.

Quote For The Week

“Surrender to what is. let go of what was. have faith in what will be.” (Sonia Ricotti)


What’s on your agenda for the week ahead?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, January 8

  1. Lucie

    I’m off to read your 2018 reading list. I’ve just started Goodreads to follow the books I read too.

    Have a gret week

    1. Jean Post author

      I really do need to get set up with Goodreads, thanks for the reminder! Hope you have a great week as well!

    1. Jean Post author

      Well, there are so many Kings cake recipes out there that I was overwhelmed and decided to use a simpler approach (Duncan Hines yellow cake mix plus 1 box of pudding ;)). Some day I may get around to making a proper one though I’m not sure my family would even eat the “true” recipe cakes which are a bit more bread based. Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, I have so many saved and yet unfinished posts around here, wish I had some motivation to finish them all. Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

  2. Rebecca L Knox

    So enjoy reading your posts, Jean. They make me smile! Am glad we’re getting to enjoy a few days of warmer weather before we go back into the deep freeze…although it doesn’t look like it’s going to be nearly as cold as it was a few days ago. 🙂 As for cats…I’ve got one. He’s 18-years-old and a complete pain when he’s not sleeping. In fact, it we even hope to get any sleep at night, we have to keep the bedroom door shut. Otherwise Stripes is right up on top of us or laying on top of our heads! Gotta love ’em though! Love the cake! Menus look great! Go, Royals!!!!! Have a blessed rest of the week, my friend! <3
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..Dollar-S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g, Cabinet-Clearing, Clean-Up-The-Food Project For January 2018 – Week #1 UpdateMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Today is supposed to be a really warm one but I’m freezing! My husband said the wind was really blowing so that’s probably why, just hope it warms up this by the time I work this afternoon as I was really looking forward to my outside time with the preschool kids. Cats are all so interesting, our first cat never did this, slept right at the base of my legs. Probably going to have to shut the door if this one keeps deciding to want attention at 3a.m. (happened again last night! And now she’s sound asleep, of course). Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

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