Birds Spotted On My Nature Walk

On our warmer than average Tuesday, I went on a short nature walk to see the snowmen.  Of course, I also watched the birds.

At the nature center entrance, I immediately spotted this busy bird. Didn’t see too many other birds on the trail near the snowman other than perhaps a Flicker, too far away to properly photograph or identify.  I continued on the trail past the end of the snowmen to its proper end at a fishing lake.

A lonely Great Blue Heron Surveying The Icy Lake:

Hopefully, I identified him properly! He didn’t stay on the ice for long before flying away to perhaps a better fishing hole.

Next, I enjoyed watching these Canada Geese venture on the ice.

The Geese Capades!

The Great Blue Heron returned to try his luck at another bank and watch the geese with me. Unimpressed, he flew away again.

Another audience watched me and the geese from afar.

Birds of a Feather

A closer inspection of the tree revealed it to be full of Robins enjoying the spring-like break in our weather. Even spring-like warmer days feel a bit chilly when the wind blows.  Even more so when the camera battery announces its exhaustion. After watching the geese a few more minutes, I began my slow climb back to the parking lot.

Why Are Exits Always Uphill?

Other birds spotted by the lake and near the nature center but not photographed: snowbirds, cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, and several more downy woodpeckers.

Back At Home

Not a bird but a rabbit! Is it Spring yet?  Not yet, little bunny.  Hopefully, he’s found somewhere warm to hunker down on this 15 degree Saturday.  A few other non-bird types hanging out in the backyard this week as well: Bringer of Bird-feeder bedlam! And the neighbor’s cat… He actually had his eye on the Easter bunny but things didn’t go farther than a good stare between them.

The Carolina Wren popped out of hiding (I was sure he’d flown somewhere warmer!) to serenade us on Tuesday as well. Excuse the blurry photo, please. Still a camera-shy little bird and I probably rushed worried he’d leave again soon.  Certainly, hope he’s found somewhere warm today as well!

Birds spotted around our home this week: a group of crows flying over head, the resident cardinals, snowbirds, sparrows, and a nuthatch.

What birds did you notice this week?

Linking up with The Bird D’Pot over at I’d Rather Be Birdin’ and since I have a few non-feathered critters in this post, I’m also going to link this one up over at Viewing Nature With Eileen. 

Don’t forget to check out both links for some amazing photos of birds and other animals!



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21 thoughts on “Birds Spotted On My Nature Walk

  1. Eileen

    Hello, wonderful variety of birds and critters. I often wonder of the geese and herons get cold standing on the ice or near the water on these cold winter days. I love the cute bunny, what a nice sighting. The wrens are adorable, cute shot. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks also for your visit and comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

    1. Jean Post author

      I wonder about that as well but I’d guess probably not unless maybe in the subzero temps. Hope you are having a great Saturday and enjoy the rest of your weekend as well.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I was really surprised to see them as I figured they’d gone away for the winter, usually a few by our house that I haven’t seen lately.

  2. Linda aka Crafty Gardener

    Lovely photos of birds and critters. We had mild weather at beginning of week too, then ice rain, snow andcold temperatures to finish the week.

    1. Jean Post author

      Seems to be the current weather pattern in quite a few places. We’re getting snow right now (tapering off) and then, it’s supposed to be in the low 50s next Saturday!

  3. Breathtaking

    Hello!:) Such a great selection of critters. I enjoyed seeing all of them, …it was a lovely walk, but now I feel cold,.!!:=)

    1. Jean Post author

      Not too cold that day, it was in the mid 40s. Not bad at all for January in these parts but still chilly with the wind 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Funny how the hills are never at the beginning or if they are also at the beginning, there always seems to be one at the end as well. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Oh, there really wasn’t much ice and snow that day, that would be what I’d be doing if I went today (and I probably should but I’m being lazy this Sunday and staying indoors fussing at the squirrel through the back one). It was actually more like mud and wind and then the ice on the lake area was starting to melt a bit (probably no longer). I would like to go for a walk after a snow sometime though. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. Angie

    Geese Capades! LOL! That heron doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind about where he wants to be! I am glad the stare-down between the cat and the bunny went no further. Outdoor cats wreak havoc on our bird populations and probably bunnies, too! Thanks for visiting my blog this week.

    1. Jean Post author

      I think the poor heron shouldn’t have been around these parts at all! He kept flying away and coming back so I’m hoping maybe his other water source was a bit better.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Our geese are year-round residents but I do believe that heron missed his flight south! Our current weather is not doing either of them any favors as well, 14 degrees with below zero wind chills for today and tomorrow. Brr!

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