Happy Homemaker Monday, The Evening Edition

Today felt like a proper Monday.  Hard time rousing everyone, myself included, out of bed. Seemed much to early as I headed into work. So it’s evening as I finally sit down to plan my week.

Time to link up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom for a Happy Homemaker Monday post. Hoping I finish this before bedtime arrives.

The Weather

Perfect scenery for a sleepy Monday. Clouds most of the day with cold wind and varying amounts of rain, sleet, and snow falling. Thankfully, the warmer weekend meant nothing stuck to our roads. We’re supposed to get more of the same with falling temps so who knows what might happen overnight. I do hope we get a decent snow.  If it is going to snow, I want to see a fully, fluffy blanket of white.  It’s supposed to be in the 40s and 50s all week so anything we do get tonight should melt quickly.

As I Look Outside My Window

It’s already dark outside so I see nothing but black.

Right Now I Am

Thinking I’m cold, also ready for dinner, and simply waiting…while typing up this post, of course.

Thinking And Pondering

After working at a preschool all day, my mind is mush. I love all those kids but at the end of the day I’m done.  Should have had more sleep, probably should wait until after dinner for posting. Also, I’m hoping the Immune boosting vitamins we all took will keep our family healthy. So much sickness in our local area, it’s scary.

On My Bedside Table

I cleaned it last week! Still it contains a bottle of Cocoa butter lotion, one shirt (no idea why), and a few preschool books.

On My TV Tonight

We’ve been watching Better Late Than Never.  It’s about the travel adventures of Terry Bradshaw, William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, and Jeff Dye. It’s so fun to watch! And we may finish up season 2 of Humans over on Amazon Prime.

Listening To

The heater blowing. The rest of the house seems suspiciously quiet but my teenagers are just hanging out in their rooms (what teenagers do when they aren’t eating).

On The Menu This Week

Perhaps I’ll do better with it all this week….G did have a stomach bug (not fun for him but it was fairly mild thank goodness and we’ve avoided it) last week so the menu just didn’t work well. Time to try again.

MONDAY: We’re having spaghetti! *I worked 8-4*

TUESDAY: The pork chops will finally meet the crock pot *G has pep band*

WEDNESDAY: Chicken Legs

THURSDAY: I’ve been craving waffles so maybe….or I can still pull the French Toast out of the freezer

FRIDAY: Not sure…probably out or maybe leftovers

On My To-Do List

  1. Pay Bills
  2. Clean out Fridge
  3. Mail packages (carry over)
  4. Take books back to library/ request new ones
  5. Blog posts
  6. Do one thing to get ready for Christmas
  7. Call and catch up with a friend
  8. Whatever other things I’m forgetting to list here

What I Am Sewing, Knitting, Or Creating

Have some new blog post ideas simmering about in my mind. Need to finish my yellow package for a friend

My Simple Pleasure

a cup of tea and a good book

Lesson Learned The Past Week

Just because a book was popular doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll enjoy it.  Suffice it to say Eat, Pray, Love left me unimpressed.

From The Camera

Think we all felt just like this little bird with ruffled feathers when the alarms blared much too early today:

Prayer List

Family members, all those who are sick, friends and their children

Quote For The Week

The heart that loves is always young (Greek Proverb)

*found on Pinterest


How did your week start? What’s on your agenda for the rest of it?




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4 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, The Evening Edition

  1. carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Hi Jean! Hope you’ve been having a great week and everyone is healthy now! We’ve still had some bugs flying around here too. Yuck and no fun. 😛

    Love the bird pic! We did pork chops this week too – I was craving my Gram’s recipe for them which I’ll probably share on the blog.

    Hope you have a blessed rest of the week Hon! xoox

    1. Jean Post author

      Everyone is healthy except…me. UGH, job hazard of substitute teaching, I think. Thankfully, just a nasty cold. Given that the flu is really bad around our city right now, I’ll take it. My pork chops didn’t turn out very good so I’ll be watching for your recipe. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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