Five On Friday (Saturday Morning): Random

This week felt more like a month than a simple 7 days.  And, it did not go anywhere near as planned including yesterday.

Yesterday, I planned to work a half-day, come home and join Five On Friday. That did not happen. Instead, I came home and took a two-hour nap, waking only to go pick up my son from school.

Let’s just get to the random five for the past week:

ONE: Sometimes Sickness Still Arrives

Did you hear the large audible sigh as I typed that heading?  Sometimes, you can take the vitamins, drink the green tea, wash your hands until they turn red, use every other trick, and still end up with a nasty cold.  I felt it coming on Thursday afternoon and drank an Emergen-C, a cup of green tea, and downed a Ziacam packet within moments of one another (not advised, bad tummy ache!).

As J put it, “It doesn’t work like that” Still had to try. I felt horrid yesterday but do feel better today so maybe it worked a bit. And even though I’m sick with this head cold, I’m so very thankful to not have the flu which is making rounds about our town.

TWO: Fresh Flowers To Brighten The Day

I didn’t want to end January without getting a start on one of my 18 things for 2018 list so I picked up some fresh flowers while I was grocery shopping. 

THREE: Winter Weather Means Sunshine, 65 Degrees, and Windy?

After starting out chilly, by Thursday our weather turned spring-like.  I went to a nature center and took a walk.  It required a bit of bravery: Thankfully, I didn’t see anything like him.  Just a menacing stick once: The rest of the walk included more peaceful views:

FOUR: Most of my week was spent working…

On Sunday, I agreed to work on Monday leaving the rest of my week open. Somehow, I ended up working every day except for Thursday.

FIVE: Sleep

As I already mentioned, I took a two-hour nap yesterday.  I also went to bed at 7:30p.m. and slept until this morning.  Sometimes sleep is the best cure.  I feel much better this morning.


Hoping this weekend finds you happy and healthy! Don’t forget to pop over to our host, The F.A.S.T. blog and see what others shared for their five on Friday.


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7 thoughts on “Five On Friday (Saturday Morning): Random

  1. Rachel

    So sorry you don’t feel well. And you are right sometimes sleep just is what is needed. I did that on Tuesday. I came home from taking the kids to school with all intentions of getting work done, but I went back to bed and slept for 2 hours. It was much needed rest that my body needed as I haven’t been sleeping well. Hope this coming week is better for you!
    Rachel recently posted..The Rise of the Dawnstar by Farah OomerbhoyMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thanks, I am all in favor of not catching any more bugs. Wish those bugs would agree 😉 Well, close to 50 is shorts weather for the middle school kids in these parts but I prefer it to be a bit warmer. Winter is back today and I think I saw something about a storm coming Thursday. Hope you are having a great Sunday! Going to hop over and check out your recipe in a few minutes.

  2. Hooks and Needles

    Love the photos, especially the owl. I often have days when I’ve got lots to do but then promptly fall asleep. Sometimes our bodies just need sleep. For me it depends what I’ve eaten, I’m still at the finding out stage so it’s quite frustrating. I hope you are feeling better now, colds are yuck! They seem to last 2 weeks sometimes, with the catarrh or coughing. Take care and enjoy your flowers, thanks for visiting my blog,. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Five on Friday. Cathy xx
    Hooks and Needles recently posted..Getting it rightMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I did realize I had a large serving of potato soup for dinner that night but I also needed the sleep (and the soup). Yes, I agree colds are yuck…starting to feel better and then the runny nose and cough arrived, ugh. Glad you joined in for Five on Friday this week. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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