The Journey Through January

Trying something new this year and looking back at the end of each month to see what I embraced.

Remember, my word of the year? Embrace!

First, an amazing quote:

Just yesterday, this quote jumped out at me on Pinterest. Fits the month and the new year perfectly. And, contains my word! 

Other Things I embraced in January (and so far this winter):

Reading! I crossed two books off my list of 18 books I plan to read in 2018! And I have The Glass Castle (another one from the list) waiting on my newest pile of library books.

After Christine from So Domestically Challenged mentioned Good Reads to me, I went ahead and made an account. Feel free to look me up and friend me if you can figure out how it works. I’ve found it so useful to log my reading progress as well as track books I want to read.


Reading under a blanket with a cup of hot tea beside me helped get me through some super cold January days. 


I post my bird-watching adventures each Saturday (occasionally, it takes until Sunday). This old/new hobby has certainly brought a lot of joy to me already this year. You can view my latest bird-watching post here.

Watching Too Much TV and Playing Games On My Phone!

Already watched Doctor Who, Humans, and Colony. Next up season 2 of The Magicians I’m still enjoying my time playing Animal Crossings Pocket Camp. Even discovered a friend of mine also plays it and now we’re not only real friends but pretend friends as well!  It gives me a great outlet when all the boys (husband included) are busy with their own electronics.

Being at home, pajamas, sleeping!

Things I still struggle to embrace….cooking dinner, being sick, back-talking teenagers, and cleaning.  Sometimes, the weather.


What things did you find to enjoy in January?


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