What’s Going On Wednesday: No Snow Day For Us

The snow talk started with the Sunday news.  More talk about it on Monday.  Even Tuesday morning, they were still optimistic.


  • The grocery store seemed full and the patrons were acting nutty. The cashier asked me if Minnesota won the Superbowl. Um, what? No, they weren’t in it.  (Yep, it’s definitely going to snow, I thought to myself).
  • In the afternoon, I made the boys go get their dad’s birthday cards because the roads would most likely be bad later.
  • A cup of coffee at Mom’s Night Out (Actually, I had a smoked butterscotch latte, and no, you don’t want to see the nutrition stats on that one. Yikes!) because I had to get out since we’d probably be stuck at home on Tuesday night and Wednesday.


  • Made myself get up and run the rest of my small errand list because the snow eta was about 2p.m.  Grumbled to myself how I’d be picking up a teenager from school right in the middle of that.
  • Started a crisis cleaning of the house about noon since the kids would likely be home on a snow day today and I dislike cleaning around people.
  • Don’t care for drama but a little found its way into my day as I went to pick up my high school kid and he didn’t show.  Frustrated, went home, noticed he forgot his phone. Waited wondering when to panic when he finally did show.  Next time, please, borrow a phone and CALL ME. A simple misunderstanding, he thought I was working and I thought he needed a ride. Too much drama and stress for my day. Still no snow.
  • News now says IF it snows, it won’t start until 6p.m. or later but most likely it will go north of us.  And it did.

WEDNESDAY (today):

  • Everyone’s at work or school
  • My hot chocolate ingredients sit untouched (perhaps, I’ll make a batch this weekend) but we’ve been eating the cinnamon rolls all week. 
  • Looks like I’ll get to continue my crisis/deep cleaning of the house for tomorrow (Husband’s birthday so we’ll have some family over for cake)


My oldest son says he’d settle for a late start at this point just he could sleep in one day.  Not me, I want a full on snow day with pretty blanket of white snow covering everything.  Just one. There’s another chance of snow this weekend but I’m not getting too excited (yet).

What about you? Do you like a little snow now and then?



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4 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday: No Snow Day For Us

  1. Rachel

    So sorry you didn’t get your snow day. We got one today (I think this is #5 or6)….woke up to almost 6 inches on the ground. This has been a very wet winter for us. I would gladly send some to you! Btw- your cinnamon rolls look yummy!

    1. Jean Post author

      I just want one real snow day. I’m not greedy 😉 I know snow days are a little harder when you have younger kids as well. One year when both my boys were in grade school, we had 5 in a row, I think. That was a bit tough since they basically followed Christmas break. The cinnamon rolls are great and now I’m going to be super tempted to go get some every time I get my haircut.

  2. Laura Lane of Harvest Lane Cottage

    Oh girl! Your post made me smile. You know, I’m down in Carthage, near Joplin. The weather did the same for us. My husband cancelled a meeting, but I was determined to go and knit with my new friends at the coffee shop Tuesday night. I told him I’d watch the weather and come home early. I did go home early, but it barely misted. Sunday was another story. My son’s truck went off the road into the ditch during the Superbowl. Fun fun! Truck and son are both fine.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m so glad your son (and his truck) were okay! Sunday was interesting as they called for a dusting here and then, we had a bit more (maybe 1-2 inches). It’s all gone now and just brown again though more snow for us on Saturday maybe. Not going to get excited this time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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