Ice, Ice, Birdie

We’ve had nothing but rain, freezing rain, and now more rain this week.  So all my birding activities were out the window (quite literally) this week.

Good thing the birds didn’t seem to mind our ice-glazed deck.  I hope they appreciated the fresh seed on top of the frozen seed.  

The Birds On My Deck:

This little dark-eyed junco seems content.

This one didn’t seem put off by the ice either.  These little snow birds earned my respect.  Squirrels don’t seem to faze them and they can really hold their own against the other birds.  I have noticed they seem a bit mean at times though.  Chasing off my other little song birds like this white-throated sparrow and his kin.

Right after I snapped this, a different dark-eyed junco chased my sparrow away for a bit. Thankfully, my little sparrow returned to pose for me a bit longer.

(Not the most in focus photo but I love the pose so I shared it anyway.) Here’s one that’s a bit better. I’ve become a bit smitten with these little sparrows. We all need a little dab of yellow in the middle of winter (or year-round), I think.

The yucky weather brought all types of birds to the deck although I’m afraid I was a bit too slow to get decent captures of many of them.

Even the robin stopped by to take a glance at the wares offered on our deck! This is the best I managed before he decided ice or no ice, he could do better than my meager offerings.

Other birds spotted on the back deck this week:

Bluejays, The red-bellied woodpecker, the nuthatch, sparrows, cardinals, and of course, that annoying fur-covered bird family of squirrels.

Birds spotted other places:

A small brown warbler of some sort on a tree in the front (on Sunday before the weather arrived), a few doves flying and on the wires in the front again. Starlings and crows (not together). The hawk making a few circles quite a few blocks away. More robins near my work and some geese flying overhead.

Also spotted, someone growing weary of all this attention bestowed upon the birds:

What birds did you spot this week? Also, if you see some sunshine, could you send it this way, please?

Joining in with The Bird Depot, hosted by Anni of I’d Rather B Birdin’.



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7 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, Birdie

  1. Phil

    That’s a real shame about the freezing rain Jean. Nasty stuff. But I’m not surprised all the birds come to your deck with that healthy mix of seeds.

    1. Jean Post author

      Well, we did need the moisture but I’d have preferred snow. Now we have sun and warmer temps (for today, who knows about tomorrow). Hope you have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      I love cats as well although I wish a few of them weren’t so partial to birds! Thanks for hosting the link up and I hope you have a great week!


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