What’s Going On Wednesday: Slow Week

I didn’t mention it in my Monday post but our calendar for this week is empty.


we did nothing.  I went to the grocery store but we were all here and sitting at the table for dinner. Thought I’d followed the menu plan this week but a glance back at it and nope, not at all. Following the menus (mostly) but not the days.

We had our French Toast on Monday night. I tried to make myself a sugar-free version using a banana, almond milk, and the pumpernickel bread. Let’s not discuss that any further although I didn’t cave and eat the good stuff.


Yesterday, again a slow day. My husband and I were both off work so I took him out to lunch with a gift card from my birthday. Then, we went to Wal-Mart to get oil for my car. Welcome to almost 20 years of marriage!

During the afternoon, my husband helped my oldest work on his parallel parking skills while J and I went for a walk around the block.

In the evening, we had chicken enchiladas (note to self: next time check for red sauce before you start cooking) and taco salads.

J’s binder broke during the school day so after we ate dinner, I made a run out to an office supply store get him a new one.

Wednesday, Today:

Did you know it’s International Hygge Day?   More information about it all on this enjoyable blog.

Are you recognizing it?  I’m making small attempts.

Heated up one of those pumpkin honey muffins for breakfast.

Pulled out the chocolate chip cookies (from the store, fundraiser deal) for the kids’ lunches. Been in my fuzzy socks all day except for the school run and to do a work-out video.

Made myself some peanut butter and jelly sandwich cookies using this recipe.  And put them on a pretty plate.  I halved the recipe. Can’t decide if that’s a good thing since I couldn’t stop eating them or a bad thing because I already know I’ll need to make more.

Watched a movie (this is my husband’s fault, he turned it on and of course, left but I became interested: Akeelah and the Bee, good movie).

Lit the apple cider scented candle from Christmas.

Green beans and new potatoes simmering in the crock pot.

Kind of wishing it would go ahead and rain or thunderstorm soon. Looks like we’re getting by-passed just like yesterday. Cloudy skies but no rain.

Plan to work on a little craft project in a bit or maybe read.  Time to get back to my green tea (something I drink almost every day at about this time if I happen to be at home).

What kind of week are you having?


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