Friday Night Five: Progress Update On My 18 For 2018

I’m a bit late with my Five on Friday post since I worked all day.  Really, I wasn’t sure I’d put one together but everyone’s kind of doing their own thing tonight leaving me time to do this.

Rachel who blogs over at Living Better One Day At A Time wrote an update on her 2018 goals (she’s doing one monthly, not sure I’ll be that disciplined about things) so I thought I’d steal her idea for this post.

However, in keeping with the Five on Friday theme, I’m sharing just five of my 18 where I’ve made progress.

Five Of My 18 With Positive Progress:

ONE: Read (at least) 18 Books…

Seems I should absolutely start with this one as it is the birthday of Dr. Seuss after all. (Aside: We had pajama day at work…and I had to stop after work to get gas…in my pajamas! I drew the line at going to get the pizza we ordered though…sent the husband)

I’ve read 10 books so far this year! Completed four books from my list of books I want to read in 2018 as well. Currently, I’m working through my fifth book from this list.  Tracking it all (and sometimes writing brief reviews) over on Goodreads.

TWO: Buy Fresh Flowers For The Table Once A Month 

Right now, tulips are drooping in the two vases (my attempt to fix the drooping…didn’t work). Staying intentional about this one.

THREE: Complete A Sugar-Free Challenge

In current progress. Decided to give up refined sugar for the duration of lent. Did you know it’s in just about everything? Annoying. And I’ve done well with this but certainly, have not been perfect. Also, I decided to not be too vigilant if we go out to dinner, just get things that seem reasonably healthy.

I broke last Friday and ate the chocolate cake and cherry ice cream but went back to the challenge the very next day so I’m proud of myself for not simply giving up on it.

Discovering lots of sugar-free treat recipes using honey and maple syrup (mostly honey) to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

FOUR: Guard My Heart From Negativity And Drama

A vague one here, I know.  However, I’ve made a start. One place I find a lot of it is Facebook so I’ve given myself a new “rule” for the site.  When I pop on there, I count. Once I hit 3 negative or overly dramatic posts (whether from friends or news sites or other places), I log off of it. Unsurprisingly, I’ve been on there a lot less.   My morning go-to site’s now Pocket Camp: Animal Crossing. A more pleasant start to my day!

FIVE: Get Rid Of 18 Things We Don’t Love/Use Each Month

While I didn’t count, I’m almost sure we met this goal in both January and February. We’re lucky to have the charity pick up people call us and then, pick up our donations about once a month. In both January and February, I set out at least two bags of items. I think it was two bags in January and then, three bags in February. Mostly clothes with a few random household items plus some games (we went through and made sure they were complete) from the boys’ rooms.


There are a few items where I definitely need to improve though: the getting ready for next Christmas one (I’m a lot of talk, little action), any item with the word “clean” in it (old habits…), and the vacation planning.

I’m hopeful with improving weather, the outdoor activity related items should start to pick up and/or happen soon.

What kind of projects and progress are you making in 2018?



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2 thoughts on “Friday Night Five: Progress Update On My 18 For 2018

  1. Hooks and Needles

    All the best with your ‘getting rid of things’, I was following the Fly Lady on line and doing quite well with the decluttering and cleaning but then I stopped. I think if I just keep going, that seems to be the answer. I didn’t see you Five on Friday, so went looking, glad I found you. I’ve just googled keeping tulips upright, there is so much advice – put a penny in the water, add gin, put a pin in the stem. If you find an answer, do please share. Have a good weekend. Cathy x
    Hooks and Needles recently posted..Snow Days – Five on FridayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I have tried Fly Lady before (still subscribed to the e-mails) and I’ll do well with it, and then, like you, just stop. Not sure why. Thanks for searching for me. I think the tulip answer may be to just enjoy them when they bloom outside. Hope you are having a good weekend as well!


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