My Spring Break Brainstorming

Spring break looks a bit different when the kids become teenagers. My boys would be fine if we did not a thing all week-long. They’d be happy simply staying up late, sleeping in late, and playing video games and watching television (read YouTube) non-stop.

However, it’s my spring break next week as well and I want to spend some time with them doing a few other things.  I thought it would be fun to simply write a post on my spring break brainstorming of activities.

Lots of these will be food related, teenage boys = almost everything agreeable must be food related! These ideas are mine but I’m sure the boys will have a few of their own as well.


  • Walking at local nature center trails
  • Yardwork 
  • Maybe a day trip somewhere (so I guess that would be a “in the car” thing)
  • Sculpture garden at Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery
  • Walking around Plaza
  • I think the Royals home opener falls during our Spring break? Need to check.


  • Steak and Shake
  • Art gallery or plaza and lunch at Winsteads (one of G’s favorite restaurants)
  • New local business that serves cookie dough like ice cream
  • Snow cones! (one J’s favorite things, he’d go in the winter if they were open)
  • Culvers
  • IHop


  • Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery (There’s a display I really want to see and think the boys would also enjoy)
  • A Walk Down Memory Lane in a Toys R US before they close for good
  • Maybe indoor swimming
  • Movies (I’m adding a separate heading with all the movies we need to see)
  • Bowling and/or laser tag (with friends)
  • Top Golf and/or visit an arcade somewhere


  • Movies
  • Sort Through Books (Planning to sell/donate some books to Half-Price Books)
  • Read
  • Clean out some cabinets (This is for me, not something for the boys…)
  • Board games
  • Video games
  • Cooking (I do need to use some of the week to prepare for Easter Brunch)

Do I think we’ll do all of these things? Nope. It’s nice to have a few ideas for how we might spend our days though.

My plan for tonight is to ask the boys their input for ideas on what they want to do during the week. I also plan to make a few “guidelines” so it won’t be complete chaos around here when Easter arrives.

Do you get a spring break? How do you spend your time during breaks?




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6 thoughts on “My Spring Break Brainstorming

  1. Rebecca L Knox

    Awwwww! Golly whitakers, Jean! I wish I could have come spent the week kicking around KC with you! Nature center trails, the Nelson, the Plaza! You’re talking my language, Girl!!! What’s the special display going on at the Nelson? Hope you’ve had a fun week! If you got do even a few things that were on your list I’m sure you’re feelin’ pretty good right about now! Have a great rest of the week and a blessed weekend! <3
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..Holy Week – Jesus’ Final Week (Reading Schedule)My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Come on up, it’s this coming week! 😉 The Nelson has two exhibits ending in a couple of weeks. One is Through The Eyes of Picasso and the other is Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit For Eternity (on loan from China). Hoping to do that one on a nice day because I love walking around the outside of the Nelson probably more than being on the inside 🙂 Hope you are have a great weekend!

      1. Rebecca L Knox

        I wish I could have made it up there…for real! And just about any other week (except this one and next) I probably could have. I would have loved to get on those special exhibits…especially the jade suit one (long story, but has to do with the Nelson and my husband and I when I was…like…11, I think…this would have been a great follow-up). Anyway…hope you’re enjoying your week. Post pics of the exhibits if you can. Blessings! <3
        Rebecca L Knox recently posted..Passion Week – Resurrection Cookies (Recipe)My Profile

        1. Jean Post author

          This would not have been an ideal week weather-wise to be up here, so gloomy except for today. And possibly snow on Sunday! We did go to the museum today although I didn’t get any pictures in the China exhibit (it was pretty dark and I was afraid my flash might have triggered on my phone…didn’t want to be THAT person). We’ve had a pretty nice week despite being mostly cooped up at home watching drizzly cold weather. Hope you have a super happy Easter!

  2. Rachel

    That sounds like a fun plan for Spring Break, even if you only get to do a couple of those things. I hope you have a good time. Our Spring Break is next week as well; it also includes tomorrow….so I am also trying to come up with stuff to do. I have a zoo trip planned and a mom’s night out with another mom to meet up for Margaritas. I also asked the kids what they wanted to do and they want to visit our local science center so we will plan on doing that. Also hoping to get some nature walks in (if the weather cooperates!).
    Rachel recently posted..Dresser handles, Allison’s onion straws and busyMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      We were supposed to get yesterday for ours as well but they took it away as a make-up snow day. The goal around here’s always to be out of school for the summer prior to Memorial Day weekend (We start school in early to mid-August). I still need to find out what my kids want to do. My youngest was sick the last 2 days with a sore throat (expecting a miracle recovery today ;)) and my oldest was out with friends last night. Everyone is still sleeping this morning except my husband, myself, and the cat (who thought it was a weekday and woke me up at 5:30a.m. UGH). Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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