Five On Friday: Spring Break, Dreary Weather, And Easter Panic

I should be doing lots of other things. So of course, I’m doing the one thing I don’t “have” to do.

Taking a minute from my Easter panic to join in with Five On Friday. And it’s still Friday. Go me!

Going to be a super random post tonight.


Fourteen guests plus the maybe count coming over for Easter brunch on Sunday morning. Am I ready? Not at all.  Is the house clean? Not at all.  What have I done? Well, I do have 2 ham and cheese Quiche in the freezer plus one pound of caramelized bacon twists. And a strawberry mousse I made ahead and am now having second thoughts on using. A jar of lemon curd (store-bought) hanging out in the cupboard.

Do I have a menu planned? Not really, going to be one of those years where I just throw it all together and hope for the best. Oops, I forgot, we also have a brisket and some buns. And plates (note: next year, do NOT put husband in charge of buying cute Easter plates) and a (plastic) tablecloth.

After I finish this post, I’ll start making a few things. Tomorrow, I’ve a full day in the kitchen. Better set my alarm and actually get out of bed when I hear it.


Getting out of bed when I hear the alarm over spring break is a bit tougher than I expected. My spring break plan: Get up at the normal time every day and enjoy the quiet mornings. My spring break reality: Turn it off, kick the meowing “furry” alarm out of the bedroom, and go back to sleep until almost 9 every morning. Going back to reality’s going to be tough on us all next week.


It feels more like a Christmas break than a spring break around here. Complete with a forecast for snow on Easter!

Oh, how I hope they have that one wrong. However, the dreary weather does make for excellent staying at home in pajamas, reading books, and just sleeping weather. We just about have laziness down to an art form in these parts.


The cutest Robin couple moved into our neighborhood and picked out a residence in the neighbor’s backyard.

House hunting:  Sold! A New Home: 


“Remember when we used to wonder if they’d ever sleep in?” me to my husband just before noon today. I finally managed to get the creatures of the night into the car for a spring break outing in the ONE day of sun we’ve had this week.

We went to the art gallery (“The Nelson” aka The Nelson Atkins Museum) to see two special exhibits and then, over to Winsteads (a local hamburger restaurant) for dinner. 

While the Through the Eyes of Picasso exhibit was perhaps not ideal to visit with teenage sons (let’s just say parts of it focused heavily on male fertility, ahem), it was nice spending time with them. I think they both preferred the other exhibit, Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit For Eternity (a 2000 year-old jade burial suit starred in it).

We’ll just pretend the 13-year-old didn’t describe the outing to the museum as “excruciatingly boring.” The 16-year-old was a much better sport though he couldn’t resist a few “I told you so” remarks about my making his brother come with us.

I did have a good laugh and a brief moment of comradery with another couple at the museum. Their boy who appeared close in age to J had a similar “I’m so miserable” expression on his face.  We crossed paths a couple of times during the afternoon.


Time to check my butter and start baking and perhaps, panicking less. Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

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6 thoughts on “Five On Friday: Spring Break, Dreary Weather, And Easter Panic

  1. Hooks and Needles

    I hope you are enjoying your time with family over the break. I usually enjoy it once it all starts coming together, eg meals etc. We’ve not had any visitors, my husband is working taxi nights over some of the weekend and the weather is too wet for fixing the caravan. He started replacing some rotten wood on the end panel – it needed opening up a bit for that, lol quite a big job unfortunately. It’s old and last year he knocked the back end of the caravan on the gate post which ripped it open, oops! It had suffered damp in the wooden frame which explains the damage it suffered after a simple knock.
    It’s nice that you got out somewhere with the teens even though they weren’t thrilled with all of it. The birds look happy with their accomodation.
    Cathy x
    Hooks and Needles recently posted..Bring me sunshine – Five on FridayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      We’ve had a nice spring break over here, last day today. Easter brunch came together and it was a nice day although our crowd was a bit smaller than previous years. Hope your weather improves and you get to see some sun. We had SNOW yesterday and 26 degrees this morning! Taking the Mother Nature is taking the April Fool’s joking a bit too far in these parts, I think. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Just realized I forgot to link up my Saturday post. Can’t wait to see your photos and read your tales about Jamaica! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Gattina

    At least you celebrated Easter and did something ! We were all alone, no decoration, nothing special and on top it was cold and rainy. I think that was the worst Easter I remember !

    1. Jean Post author

      I’m so sorry your Easter was like that. Perhaps you could celebrate Easter Monday today? Sounds as if you need a do-over for the holiday. I hope the rest of your week and all the future holidays in the year are truly wonderful for you!


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