Easter Brunch Breakdown

It’s time for my Easter Brunch Breakdown.

These posts help me plan and adjust our brunch each year. I find it tremendously helpful to have records of what worked and what didn’t. Hopefully, if you find yourself hosting a brunch, these posts might help you as well.

I stumbled across this favorite quote: Chance favors the prepared mind (Louis Pasteur) a few times over the weekend.  Should have applied the wisdom of it a bit more.

However, in fairness to myself, the health of my husband’s grandpa left lots of questions about whether we’d be hosting as the holiday approached. It meant I held off doing things. Thankfully, his health improved and we carried on with Easter.

Dare I say that I might be slowing down a bit? I found it harder than previous years to stay up late getting things ready. And then, were it not for my husband, I’d have overslept more than I already did.  Must start earlier next year!

Excuse the blurry photos, lack of sleep surely gets the blame for these poor photos (and lack of photos in general).

The Menu:

A mismatched throw together of trying to capture all the favorites plus adding in a few new dishes. Not everything worked or turned out well. 

Muffin choices: blueberry, chocolate chip, triple berry white chocolate, pumpkin, pumpkin chocolate chip, cappuccino muffins*

Cinnamon rolls (from a local restaurant)

Fruit: cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries

Fruit dip (my quick recipe: 1 package cream cheese plus one jar marshmallow fluff)

Caramelized bacon twists, regular bacon

Sausage pinwheels, regular sausage

Ham and cheese Quiche

Sausage puff

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Regular hash browns



Dessert choices: chocolate covered strawberries, banana bread, carrot cakes, lemon curd in pastry shells, strawberry mousse in pastry shells, peeps swimming in jello, various candies, cherry/apple/blueberry pie bars

*the cappuccino muffins and the cherry/apple/blueberry pie bars did not turn out so weren’t on our table

Menu Items I Wanted To Make But Ran Out Of Time:

peanut butter and jelly cookies

a veggie Quiche of some sort

vegetable side dish (thinking maybe a big salad for next year?)

truffle type dessert or other table decoration dessert

Menu Hits:

Caramelized bacon twists, fresh fruit, Guatemalan banana bread (my g. nieces loved this!), the brisket, and the sausage puff.

Menu Misses:

lots of muffins left (may need to shake up the offerings for next year), fruit dip (don’t think people knew it was fruit dip), and the ham/cheese Quiche (another one to scale back perhaps)

Menu Maybes:

Cinnamon rolls (I bought these from a local restaurant and bought too many, they freeze well at least), sausage pinwheels (tradition but I always have so many leftover and they don’t keep!), oven roasted potatoes (I liked the ones I didn’t burn but rosemary is a hate it or love it thing)

Items To Remove From Menu:

cappuccino muffins, cherry pie bars (I love the idea of these but they did not turn out “pretty” enough to serve on a brunch table…maybe adapt them into a muffin?), hash browns (unless I return to my basic hash brown bake recipe)

Thoughts about Easter Brunch 2018: 

We had a smaller crowd and the weather was cold. I’ve noticed people don’t go back for seconds as often when they can’t mill about as much (our house is well-suited to indoor/outdoor events, not so much for indoor only events).  Everyone who was there did seem to enjoy the food and themselves. And of course, like my mother, I have to cook enough “to feed an army”

Oversleeping made for a bit of a rough start, usually I have things set up as our guests are arriving and they don’t have to wait.  Also, my timing seemed off this year with getting things prepared early enough/kept hot. Burnt more than I should have (ugh!).  Sleep is important, next year I need to do more in advance and have better plans.

Should also perhaps put a bit more effort into the setup/decorations next year (and hope for better weather!). Do you host any big family events like Easter brunch? What are your helpful hints?

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4 thoughts on “Easter Brunch Breakdown

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Easter is my holiday but the rest of the time, our holidays and big meals are usually the potluck kind.

  1. Hooks and Needles

    We didn’t have a family get together this year. In past years we’ve travelled 4-6 hrs to Mother in law for a few days. Last year we joined friends and all took a plate of something to share. They provided refreshment and an egg each (adults included) which you had to hunt for in the garden. It was fun but the host had cooked an awful lot of food too.
    I think you’re right about people needing to go back for seconds otherwise there’s lots left over. It’s tricky to persuade people particularly if they feel self conscious. Or don’t want to lose their seat.
    I suppose the quiches and sausages can always be eaten for dinner the next day with chips.
    Cathy x
    Hooks and Needles recently posted..Cookery Calendar Challenge – AprilMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, it’s hard to strike a balance between making sure there is enough and not having a ton left-over. I always error on the side of having too much (and even knowing I’ll have enough, have to ask my husband to tell me that we’ll have enough more than a few times while I’m cooking). We did ship some of it to our aunt who was taking care of my husband’s grandfather. However, We’ve been eating the leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (not last night, we had Spaghetti) all week. Plus way too many of the treats! I’ll probably go through tonight and throw what I can in the freezer and throw away whatever might have now seen better days.

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