Happy Homemaker Monday

I woke up to blue skies, sun shine, and the sound of the birds singing. Okay, technically, I woke up to my alarm buzzing. Then, I heard the birds singing and looked out the window to see the blue, sunny skies.

Happy Monday, my friends!

I have the day off from work so I’m looking forward to a few projects. First, I want to complete this Happy Homemaker Monday post and plan my week. Be sure to check out the blog of our host, Sandra, over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

On to the categories….

The Weather

These were our storm clouds rolling out last Thursday evening. Today, however, we’re on target for lots of sunshine and a high of 85 degrees. Highs in the mid-eighties all week with a few chances for spring thunderstorms (tomorrow, Thursday, and Sunday).

Right Now I Am

Working on this post while listening to the birds sing through our open bedroom window.


So many thoughts about the things I need to get done in the next few days. How we need to start eating better, we’ve fallen way off track with our dinners. How excited I am for our upcoming vacation next month.

On My Reading Pile

Same books as last week. I’m also sorting through my May magazines in search of new, exciting dinner recipes.

On My TV

Last night we watched a bit of American Idol (was not a fan of what a few of those singers did with my favorite Prince songs) and Deception. Tuesday is band concert day so viewing of my favorite Tuesday night show (The Flash) must wait. Not sure what else, so nice outside…

Something Interesting I Watched

Nothing better to jump-start healthy eating habits than to watch a documentary on Netflix.  The Magic Pill focused on the Ketogenic diet.  The food is medicine concept in documentaries is nothing new but it was still fairly interesting.  I admittedly cringed when they threw away basically everything in one poor woman’s cabinets.  The health of all the subjects improved with the new way of eating (not surprising although the diet seemed incredibly restrictive). It did inspire me to start carb-cycling up again (well, that and our upcoming vacation).

What I Found While Surfing The Net

Something thoughtful: Article About Attempting To Leave Facebook

Something silly: Have you heard of Flat-Earthers? Here’s an explanation involving Pac-Man for why we don’t fall off our “flat” planet.

On The Menu For This Week

Let’s just say last week did not go as planned and leave it at that. I don’t even want to look back at it. Time for a fresh, healthier start.  While having coffee with a friend last week, she mentioned the need to add more vegetables to her menus.  So do I. My goal this week is to make sure we have a vegetable with every meal this week.

MONDAY: Bacon-wrapped chicken, broccoli, baked potatoes (for the boys, low-carb day for me)

TUESDAY: Subway (we’re counting the sandwich toppings as veggies) *J has a band concert*

WEDNESDAY: Grilled Balsamic Flank Steak, sautéed zucchini, salad  *I have a hair appointment*

THURSDAY: Pork chops, baked sweet potatoes *I work 8:15-3:45*

FRIDAY:  Corn dogs, carrots, hummus *I work 8:15-3:45* *Reunion picnic for J at local park*

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Graduation party/Mother’s Day. Hoping one day my husband makes the shrimp we were gifted.

On My To-Do List

  1. Return books to library (hangs head in shame)
  2. Buy graduation cards in bulk (Tis the season!)
  3. Clean J’s bedroom (he needs help with it at this point)
  4. Usual laundry, rest of house, grocery store
  5. Determine weeds from returning flowers in garden
  6. Clean off this computer desk (it’s bad, again)

In The Craft Basket

I consider the flower garden my outdoor craft basket 🙂 Added a new actual basket of little blue flowers back to it.

Looking Forward To

J’s band concert on Tuesday evening (though not so much sitting on the gym bleachers), working out in the yard, and doing a bit more vacation planning.

Looking Around The House

Glad I’m home to give it a bit of love. The kitchen isn’t too bad at least. No comment on the rest.

From The Camera

Blue skies from Saturday. Can you spot the hawk flying overhead through the leaves?

Strawberry blossoms!

Quote For The Week

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  (Bobby McFerrin)

Sing along with me!


What’s on your agenda this week?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday

  1. Billie Jo

    Good Morning!
    Beautiful photos!
    I hear you on the healthier eating.
    Madison inspires me to experiment with fresh veggies, and they really are good.
    I just have to keep at it!
    We just returned from a walk, and soon we will start school.
    Have a cozy day!

  2. Lucie

    Love that song. Need to add veggies to my eating too. I like that you consider your outdoor flowers your craft basket 🙂
    Have a great week

    1. Jean Post author

      I may or may not have listened to it more than once while working on my post. Hope you have a great week as well!

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I’m super thankful it’s spring (and almost summer!) as well. Absolutely love this weather! Hope you have a great week also!

  3. Deanna

    Happy early Mother’s Day!
    I hope you get your shrimp this weekend!
    I’ve recently taken over the cooking for our family. We were having too many quick type meals made by hubby. I’m not complaining entirely; kudos to him for going to work each day and then coming home to feed us each night because I didn’t feel up to it. He’s not very creative, but he will pull out a recipe from time to time. The issues are that our youngest doesn’t eat what we eat, my oldest and I are vegetarians, and my husband doesn’t care much for vegetables, or fruit for that matter, and would prefer meat and potatoes every night – essentially what he grew up with – very limited.
    My oldest and I are enjoying our meals immensely. This week I made two different bean type dishes, and a few side salad type dishes to go with one of the bean dishes. The other was actually lentil soup. Both were delicious. This helped me to clear some things out from the pantry – we moved those navy beans and red lentils with us from Wisconsin back in October LOL Now the red lentils all fit in one glass jar, and the navy beans are gone. Still working through the freezer and pantry. Not die hard working through, but mixing it in with new purchases – I love grocery shopping, especially now that we have Trader Joe’s less than 10 minutes away, and a sprouts about the same distance. So. Nice!
    I’m working on gardening some here, mostly just container plants – peppers and tomatoes. Too bad the lizards think I’m growing a buffet for them. They are wreaking havoc! Time to install some sort of fencing!

    Beautiful photos!

    Hoping your week was grand!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Happy early Mother’s Day to you as well. Meal planning is tough when everyone has different tastes, I know that well. Oh, it would be nice to have a Trader Joe’s nearby. We have a Sprouts but it’s not really nearby either so I haven’t checked it out yet. I keeping meaning to get in there (as it is closer than the Trader Joe’s). Good luck with your gardening and keeping your lizards fed 😉


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