Happy Homemaker Monday, Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

My parents always referred to it as “Decoration Day” and spent part of the day visiting the cemeteries.  And sometimes we’d have cookouts. Today, our little family has no plans. And that’s okay with me.

School’s out for the summer so there should be less to plan for my week. Ha!  Let’s get started.

The Weather 

Low 90s with a slight chance of thunderstorms every day this week.  Warm, somewhat humid air greeted me on the front porch this morning. Hello, summer!

Right Now I Am

finishing up my coffee from breakfast and wondering why I seem to have so much to do on what is supposed to be a slower week around here.


I’m the one who needs a summer schedule more than the kids. Hopefully, having a few summer guidelines for myself will help us all get a little bit more accomplished around here. We were pretty lazy last summer and while summer’s meant to be a bit lazy, I felt we tipped too far into the doing nothingness.  My goal is for a bit more balance.

On My Reading Pile

Finished two books last week, Altar of Bones by Philip Carter as well as Silence In The Age of Noise by Erling Kagge. Two very different books and while I enjoyed them both, I preferred Kagge’s book.  You can read the rest of my thoughts about them over on my Good-reads page:
View all my reviews

For this week, I’ve started on The Second Lives of Honest Men by John Cameron. Hoping it’s a quick read as I’m starting to become a bit agitated by the Good-reads ticker telling me I’m behind on my reading goal for the year.

On My TV

We rented a couple of movies over the weekend, Black Panther and Girl On The Train. Enjoyed both, I’d already seen Black Panther at the theater with G and still think it’s one of the best Marvel movies out there. Book was better than the movie in regards to Girl On The Train.

I’m also playing catch up on Riverdale via Netflix. One way you know you’re not the target audience is when you start asking questions like: Do these kids ever attend class?

Something Interesting I Watched

The baby raccoons crawling out of their home to inspect the world a bit on Monday night. We counted 3 babies plus mom, two dark to get a picture of it.  (Note: I’ve not seen the raccoons since a rather fierce storm moved through on Thursday evening but they also seemed to be outgrowing this home.)

What I Found While Surfing The Net

Not exactly while surfing the Net but did look up this reference after reading Silence In The Age Of Noise:

To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This (NY Times article)

On The Menu For This Week

Hopefully, we’ll do better than last week. Pretty sure I didn’t cook a single night last week. Good for me, not so much for the bank account though.

Last week’s plan:

MONDAY: G’s birthday, we had take-out Chinese food, French Silk Pie for dessert

TUESDAY: ham steaks, biscuits, salad G had leftover Chinese, the rest of us had deli ham

WEDNESDAY: Chicken enchiladas They ordered pizza (I ended up working 8-4 plus had MNO)

THURSDAY: Asian Inspired Flat Iron Steak I don’t remember but I didn’t cook it (worked 8-4)

FRIDAY: We went to Golden Corral for a last day of school celebration (I worked 9:15-3:45)

SAT/SUN: We’ve been foraging through the fridge/freezer. I did make boneless baby back ribs yesterday which are not the same thing as baby back ribs. Grumbles, will not buy those again.

And now, the menu for the first week of summer vacation (including lunches):

MONDAY:  Asian inspired flat-iron steak                                                                                                      LUNCH: Popcorn shrimp, sweet potatoes

TUESDAY: pizza or hamburgers and hot dogs, cookie cake (G’s birthday celebration with friends) LUNCH: Hot ham and cheese

WEDNESDAY: Copy Cat Chik-Fil-A and waffle fries (J spending the night at a friend’s house) LUNCH: Spaghetti or left over pizza, depending

THURSDAY: Ham steaks, fried potatoes, salad  (J’s having a friend stay over)                        LUNCH: chicken enchiladas (or mini tacos)

FRIDAY: pizza or hamburger and hot dogs (whichever we don’t do on Tuesday)                               LUNCH: little smokies, scrambled eggs

SATURDAY:  On your own day (I may make pork chops if they’re all starving…)

On My To-Do List

Other than getting with G about birthday plans, my list is exactly the same as last week. So, yes, basically, I accomplished nothing last week.

In The Craft Basket

A few ideas in my head about “crafts” I’d like to do but not much else. Hoping to pick up a few plants today for my outdoor flower garden area.

Looking Forward To

Looking Around The House

Let’s pass on this one.

From The Camera

Need to be better about picking it up this week.

Quote For The Week

How about a bit of poetry?  Erling Kagge referenced these verses from William Blake’s poem, Auguries of Innocence in his book:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.


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8 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, Memorial Day

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! Sadly, the house looks the same this morning as when I ‘passed’ on it yesterday. My son’s having a bunch of friends over this afternoon/evening so perhaps I’ll make him help me with it.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I’m certainly hoping to get a visit down there on our summer calendar. Hope you had a nice Memorial Day and the rest of your week is wonderful!

  1. Billie Jo

    Happy summer!
    Your sweet visitors are cute as can be.
    And some weeks are like that as far was cooking, right?
    I hope you enjoy your summer and do indeed find that balance of slower paced days with a mix of activity.
    I am all about slow pace, my friend. : )
    I have yet to watch Black Panther. My kids say it is amazing.
    Have a cozy week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Happy Summer to you as well! I don’t mind a slower pace once I’ve settled into it but I do find it hard to go from extremely busy back to doing almost nothing (not that I don’t have lots of “cleaning projects” where I could put that extra energy, ha!). Black Panther is definitely worth your time, I didn’t really want to see it at first but it turned out to be such a good story. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Jean Post author

      They are cute from afar but I admit to being a bit afraid of raccoons. Hope you have a wonderful week as well!


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