Our Summer Guidelines

I’m just going to admit it. These summer guidelines are mostly for me.

Since summer days tend to vary, I’m calling them guidelines as opposed to rules. And because, I don’t want to make my days overly complicated I’m keeping them simple.  More than a few might revolve around food. If you live with teenagers, you’ll get it.

No fancy pictures or printable here. Just my plans to attempt to have a bit of sanity this summer. Maybe my simplified plan will give you a few ideas or please, feel free to share some with me.

Our Summer Guidelines:

  • Take a shower and get ready for the day within 30 minutes of waking.
  • Eat breakfast within an hour of waking. Everyone is on their own for this meal.
  • Lunch is at noon (more or less, this timing is hard to perfect). Eat what I prepare or be on your own.
  • Dinner is between 5:30 and 7:00p.m.
  • All dishes returned to the kitchen before you go to bed (my oldest is actually really good about doing this one already)
  • No staying up all night during the week, in rooms by midnight
  • Teenagers plan and prepare one family meal a week
  • Mom is not the maid. If you make a mess, clean it up! Ask for help, if needed.
  • One family together activity a week. (Maybe an outing, maybe just a board game night)
  • Complete practicing of musical instruments prior to 10:30p.m. (This one may be J specific)


What you might notice I’ve left off my guidelines: any semblance of trying to limit screen time or force my kids to read.  I’ve noticed if I leave them to their own devices, they have interests pulling them on and off the screens. Drawing, music, going outside to visit neighborhood friends (or driving off with friends to go hang out) often pull them away from the screens. They tend to read more if I don’t insist that they do it. Perhaps they take after their mother (a bit) with rebellious personalities.

What summer guidelines do you follow?


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2 thoughts on “Our Summer Guidelines

  1. Rebecca L Knox

    Great list, Jean! My biggest guideline this year, I think, is to pace myself. I’m trying to learn to make the most of my work time at work and the most of my home time at home. In other words…not focusing and working on programs and work-related things while I’m at home (which is really easy for me to do) and to purposefully focus on all those things that need to be, or should be being done, here. I do have a list of basic things I try to accomplish each day…daily scripture reading, reading in at least one other book (even if for just for a few minutes), remember to take my vitamins, and walk at least one mile a day. These are actually penciled in on my daily planner each day. Well…have a great day and enjoy your weekend! <3
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..Happy Homemaker Monday – May 28, 2018My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Those sound like great guidelines! I know all about trying to not focus on work things while at home, easy to say and sometimes very hard to do. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!


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