Five On Friday: More Random Camera Practice

It’s been a while since I had the time to sit down and put together a Five on Friday post.  Now that it’s June (wow!), my time is a bit more of my own and less calendar driven.

This week transitioned us from the school year to full on summer! Admittedly, I found myself pacing a bit earlier in the week.

I turned to my camera for a bit of relaxation. We’re also heading out on a much-needed vacation soon so I needed some practice. All the images hail from around our yard.

Images From My Random Camera Practice:

ONE: Blue Sky

As I sat on the front porch Tuesday evening, I noticed the blue of the sky and ran back inside to grab my camera. Later in the evening, a very brief thunderstorm rolled through.

TWO: Garden Images Inside And Out

We already have a green tomato! Usually, we don’t see tomatoes in our less than ideal garden spot until late August/early September.  The long view of our garden. Yes, I know we should weed it. However, we don’t. Ever try to start celery from scraps? Here’s a photo of my third attempt. The first two went well until I planted them in the garden.  Perhaps it needs to remain an indoor thing?

Three: Green Tree!

The same day of the blue sky, I also noticed the sunlight hitting this tree in the neighbor’s front yard. I find the image soothing and hope you do as well.

Four: Close-Ups

Bought a few more flowers on Memorial Day as I impatiently wait for my summer garden to bloom. Pink geraniums never fail to brighten up the world for me. Also, this little cat might be gray but she certainly does wonders for keeping the world interesting. Hey, I was talking to you, lady with the camera!

Five: Can you stand more cat cuteness?

It’s hard work keeping people at your beck and call. Sometimes, I just can’t stay awake long enough to bother with it. *******

So I filled my first week of summer break with my camera, petting the cat (not always by choice!), reading, catching up on some Netflix, and enjoying the slower pace.

Also, did a few loads of laundry plus G hosted a sleepover for 5 friends to belatedly celebrate his birthday on Tuesday. Wednesday, J spent the night with a friend, and then, yet another of his friends stayed over last night.  Did I mention something about a much-needed vacation coming soon?

How did you spend the past week?

(Note: Our Five on Friday host, The F.A.S.T. blog is currently on a break. Please leave me a link in the comments if you published a Five on Friday post this week so I can be sure to visit!)



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