Baby Robins Leave The Nest

I’m a bit behind on my bird-watching posts.  These are older photos of our baby robins as they left the nest back in mid-May.

I enjoyed watching them so much!  Please forgive some of the less than stellar photos as I took many through our backdoor so as not to disturb the process.  Often, a certain little gray cat complained loudly as I attempted my shots as well.

Leaving The Nest:

One day I looked out the door to see only two little birds remaining in the nest.  And one clearly considering if he should fly away as well.

Don’t leave me, brother! Mom stayed near and tried to offer a bit of encouragement along with their lunch. Meanwhile, I spotted the two brave little birdies, thankful we kept the now quite annoyed little gray cat indoors for the day.

The first one, perched itself on top of the brush pile. The second, ever toying with danger had our little gray cat been out there, decided to sit on the fence next to our deck. That’s a deck railing you see to the right of the robin in the pictures above and below. Later, this one flew off and smacked right into the side of the neighbor’s house! A few bruises no doubt but otherwise okay and off to a tree branch later.

I missed (My own family, cat included, insisted on a bit of attention that took me from my post at the back door.) the take-off flight and where brother went but when I looked out later, there was only one little bird still left in the nest. Forgive the super blurry photo that follows but he’s considering leaving… Did the final baby bird take the leap of faith of fly away? We went out to dinner (I think this may have been Mother’s Day) and upon our return home…

Look who left the nest! What, I knew I could do it all along! Still, this fellow didn’t wander too far. I never did spot his siblings again,probably nearby but out of sight. However, the next night, he sat on the swing set waiting for mama… Oh, there you are, mama! Still taking care of me even though I’m no longer living at home. Isn’t that what mama does? Worry about their babies no matter how far from home they venture? **********

Have you ever had the pleasure of watching baby birds in a nest?

Linking up to The Bird D’Pot hosted by Anni of I’d Rather B Birdin’.  If you love birds and amazing bird photos, be sure to go check out her blog!

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12 thoughts on “Baby Robins Leave The Nest

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I wish it would have been in focus but my camera (and skills) couldn’t keep up with those wings!

    1. Jean Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it. I meant to post it sooner and then, time got away from me. Spotted another nest in our maple tree in the front but it’s too hard to see so I’m glad I had the chance to watch these baby birds.

  1. Phila

    Good to see the robins made it into the big wide world. It’s a dangerous place for inexperienced youngsters.

  2. betty - NZ

    These are great photos and I’m so glad they all made it out! I have watched a Mama swallow feeding her new fledgling on a wire outside and a Mama starling showing her three babies how to find food on the ground. It was exciting, to me, to watch nature at its finest,
    betty – NZ recently posted..monochromeMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. It is exciting to get a little glimpse of it all. I felt super lucky to get to observe these Robins as long as I did.

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