Our Days In Duluth: Day One

As I mentioned in my previous post, we opted to vacation in Duluth, Minnesota from Sunday to Thursday earlier in June. I wanted to share about our trip as well as some photos of such a beautiful place!

I did promise the boys we’d spend the first day relaxing and simply exploring the area (on foot) as opposed to hopping in the car again. None of us are ever super excited to hop back in the car after a long road trip.


Our hotel, Comfort Suites in Canal Park, offered a very nice complimentary breakfast so we started with coffee from there. Our sleepy teenagers weren’t quite ready for breakfast. While I waited impatiently on everyone, I decided to go out on my own to explore the lake walk and take a few photos.

There were little informational signs along the walkway about Lake Superior and different points of interest. And then, there was this love lock thing: 

We had bumpy start walking around to find breakfast for a grumpy teenager. Soon enough, we all set off together to explore the lake walk and shore near us.
We ended up eating lunch in this building filled with restaurants and shops:  In keeping things real, I’ll say that our lunch at the Mexican restaurant within wasn’t very good. The staff was nice and we had a great view of the lake. A cashier in one of the stores gave us some what to do ideas.


After we took a leisurely walk back to our hotel and relaxed a bit. We set off to explore the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor’s Center.  It contains a small free museum. 

And then, we walked across the bridge as suggested to us earlier in the day.   A bit more exploring around the museum (note: we simply walked across and back on the bridge) Followed by dinner at Grandma’s restaurant before returning to our hotel to simply relax.


I think I probably went back out and took a million more photos of the lake. If you’d like to see more photos of the lake, you can check out this post. 

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