Our Days In Duluth, Trip Log: The Journey There And Our Arrival

Wanted to be sure to share a little more about our trip to Duluth, Minnesota.

We left on Sunday morning and returned on Thursday evening. During the week is a good time to vacation as places tend to not be quite as busy.

The Question: Why Duluth, Minnesota?

The area’s topped my bucket list for many years. When the boys were younger and not such great road trip companions, my husband’s rule for vacations was simple. We could only pick destinations within a day’s drive.

Duluth, Minnesota met the criteria. No idea why it took until the boys were teenagers to finally get there. It’s beautiful and uh, Lake Superior! 

 The journey there:

Fairly uneventful. We only stopped once! No way we would’ve pulled that off when the boys were younger.  I did find myself a bit annoyed with my family and their plain taste orders at Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa.

However, I am forever grateful for the kind waitress who went out of her way to return my camera, forgotten in the booth, to them as they waited for me out on the sidewalk (I was in the restroom).   

As we arrived at our destination, I stopped at the tourist information area just outside of town to capture a few photos (and stretch my legs, did I mention we only stopped once?!). 

Then, it was on to our hotel, the closest one to the Aerial Lift Bridge.

An added benefit of choosing Duluth as a destination, the incredible walk-ability of the area. After our New Mexico experience of driving 30 minutes any time we wanted to eat dinner, this was a huge selling point especially to the boys. So after settling in to our hotel, we set back out, this time of foot, and walked to Chicago Pizza for dinner.

After returning to our hotel again, the boys settled in on their devices or maybe watching the television.  Then, we saw the bridge moving!  

The boys were D-O-N-E but we’d see the bridge in action again and plenty more boats passing under it in the next few days.


I’ve decided to break my vacation posts up so they won’t be a million words and quite so picture heavy.  Look for a post about our first day in Duluth later this afternoon.

And of course, I’ll be linking these up to the 30 Days of Summer blogging series (I hope you’ll all give me a pass on the fact we technically took our vacation in the spring. The boys were on summer vacation from school so I think it counts).

If you want to link a post to the 30 Days of Summer blogging series, the link opens at 6:00 AM on Thursday and remains open until 6:00 AM the following Wednesday. Please feel free to link up more than one post during the week.




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7 thoughts on “Our Days In Duluth, Trip Log: The Journey There And Our Arrival

  1. Rachel

    Nice pictures and a nice start to a trip. It does seem like the tone of the trip there seems to set the tone for the trip, at least it does in our house. Stopping only once would be glorious! LOL I am looking forward to hearing about your trip. Just the few pics you have shared as made it a possible future vacation spot for my family! And in my opinion anything that happens after the day the kids get out of school for the Summer counts as Summer, even if the calendar doesn’t necessarily agree 😉
    Rachel recently posted..Nature photos from North CarolinaMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      It took us a few years to get travel where we only stop once (for the kids, sometimes we have to stop more for the adults aka me now). I do think your family would enjoy it.

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