Soggy, Summer Birds

I’ve been a bit too busy and it’s been a bit too hot to venture too far away from home.  Still, the backyard birds manage to keep me entertained.

On Tuesday, I made a run to Target. The forecast called for thunderstorms and it had already rained in the morning. It’s not going to rain again until tonight, I defiantly announced and set off to do my shopping.

As I stood in line to pay for my purchases, we all heard it. The rain hammering down on the roof of the store. There’s some odd sense of Midwest security and camaraderie that emerges when those pop-up storms come while in a store. The “I should have brought an umbrella” and the discussion of the weather ensues. And the rain continues.

The onslaught of raindrops paused as I finished paying for my purchases. I made it almost to my car before in a practical joking sense, mother nature let loose again with yet another downpour. Soaked in sank into my car and drove home noticing the super dark skies (between the furiously working wiper blades).

Once home, I observed the menacing dark skies to the south. Went inside to ask my husband if they’d issued any weather warnings. He didn’t think so although none of my family bothered to check the weather.  Turns out there were tornado warnings just southeast of us.

However, this post is about the birds. After the storm officially left, I glanced out the backdoor and noticed some rather soggy birds. (Please bear with my photos, I’m still trying to figure out my photo editing with Windows 10.)

Soggy, summer birds:

The cardinal stood out against the green leaves and clearing sky:  Grackles are going strong in our neighborhood, raising their young and keeping the rest of us, birds, cats, and humans, in line.  (Young grackles are kind of cute)
The last photo I’m including simply to show the purplish-blue shimmer of the Grackle since it’s not noticeable in the photos above.  While not easy to photograph, they are amazing to watch as I’ve noticed they seem to have a quite complex system of communicating and really do stick together.

Other birds I spotted this week:

house sparrows, doves, lots more grackles!, a pair of robins letting a squirrel know exactly who was in charge of things (hint: not the squirrel), blue-jays, turkey vultures flying overhead, some type of hawk with striped tail feathers (flew over my car on the way to work too fast for any proper id), and a mockingbird.

What birds did you spot this week?

(Joining in with the Bird D’Pot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’)

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