Our Days In Duluth: Exploring The North Shore

Turns out you don’t drive north when you explore the north shore. From Duluth, it’s the north shore of Lake Superior but you’re actually driving east. That stumped me for a bit.

On Tuesday, we roused our boys early enough to eat the free breakfast in the hotel. Then, we set out to explore the North shore of Lake Superior.

Traveling The North Shore Scenic Highway

Taking a minute to say we hardly ever take the scenic routes because my husband is a no unnecessary detours kind of driver. I’m more a stop and see everything type. Getting to take the scenic route for day: a highlight of our vacation for me.

Exploring The Rocky Shores Along Highway

We took our time. And stopped to get out and check out the shores.  And waited for J to explore all the rocks. 

Two Harbors, Minnesota 

We stopped for lunch at Subway in Two Harbors, Minnesota. We played it safe in our food choice. And did a bit more exploring. 

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Eventually, we arrived at one of our primary destinations, Gooseberry Falls State Park. I added quite a few license plates to my ongoing list in the parking lot.  Note the guy off to the side in the photo above in swim trunks, we decided that group must be from Alaska! We were wearing sweatshirts though it did feel fairly warm on the hiking trails.

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

I couldn’t get my husband to drive any further up the highway Our final stop, like the others, felt like walking in a postcard. 

We opted not to tour the lighthouse but rather enter the state park and view it from the shore via a short hiking trail. The shores of the state park were on par with the beauty of the lighthouse. The shore also proved to be a great place to take a rest and watch the waves.

“Home” again

Once “home” again, we watched a big ship go under the bridge before calling it a night. 

I’m posting our vacation recap as part of the 30 Days of Summer blogging series! You can read other posts about our days in Duluth here and here.

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5 thoughts on “Our Days In Duluth: Exploring The North Shore

  1. Phil Slade

    That looks like a lovely tour Jean. And not many people around either so you could enjoy every stop. I’m afraid if I did that journey I ‘d have to stop at every possible place. It might end up taking me days and several hundred photos.

    1. Jean Post author

      We really timed things well as it was a bit before the “tourist season” I think. One of the benefits of the kids getting out of school in May (just remind me of this statement when we have to return mid-August while everyone else is off having fun). I’d have loved to tour like that. Must be why my husband does most the driving while were vacationing 😉 Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

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