Sometimes Summer Bugs Me: Link Up #3 For 30 Days of Summer

Even though summer’s my favorite, sometimes it still bugs me.  Literally.

Once the heat arrives, so do these obnoxious little bugs pictured above. They leave a disgusting trail of little black specks on my favorite front porch sitting area. And this year, they decimated my rose-bush!

Am I the only one battling the Japanese beetles? And I have news for the Farmer’s Almanac and numerous other on-line sources: Box wood bushes do not repel them!  Come visit our bushes and watch the swarm. YUCK!

Geraniums are a mixed blessing. Apparently, they both attract them and harm the nasty little things. Did I mention the bugs give off a quite disgusting odor? For about a month, I’ve walked by my geraniums commenting: Wow, those are sure stinky plants this year!

Except, my geraniums were fine and not overly stinky. The bugs put out a scent to attract others. Ugh. And why, I won’t buy the traps. I have enough of these beetles, thanks.  The only beetles I want to trap (and then let go) are lightning bugs.

After spraying dish soap water without any success, I found some answers.

Nature To The Rescue!

I knew these little shell spiders were my favorites for a reason! Guess what I found in this web? Yep, lots of tiny Japanese beetles. You are welcome in our yard anytime, little spider.

This morning, I noticed a neighborhood of 3 spiders with 2 webs between the box wood bushes and one in my flower garden area. Hopefully, they’ll focus on ridding the yard of those nasty pests.

I also recently read paper wasps are natural predators of the Japanese beetles as well. While I’m still not a fan of wasps, the tiny tidbit of information makes me a bit more tolerant.

Another Random Use For Essential Oils

After spending too much time reading about how to eradicate the world of Japanese beetles, I decided to spray my bushes with my Thieves cleaning spray. I sort of did it on a whim to see if it would help.  Cinnamon is a primary ingredient.

So far after spraying my rose-bush and box wood bushes with it, I do think I’m seeing fewer of the gross bugs.  I may have sprayed a few beetles directly to make sure they were unhappy with the scent.

Between myself and the spiders I think we may win back the yard!

Just in case we need reinforcements, I’m open to suggestions for dealing with these summer pests.

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes Summer Bugs Me: Link Up #3 For 30 Days of Summer

  1. Rebecca L Knox

    Sorry to hear that you’re fighting Japanese beetles, Jean. Not fun! According to Mother Earth News, hand-picking is essential to limit the damage they can do. I guess the nasty smell they give off are chemical signals that they have found good host plants, which attracts more beetles. For handpicking, put a couple of inches of soapy water in a bucket or milk jug and, first thing in the morning, hold the container under the leaf or bough where the beetles are feeding, and brush them down into it with your hand. The beetles won’t bite you, and as long as temperatures are cool they will fall into the water rather than flying away. Within an hour, they will drown. Hope you can get rid of the nasty little creatures! :/
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..30 Days of Summer – Post #7 – Recipe: Fresh Strawberry PieMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      I’ve read that but I don’t want to touch them, YUCK! That must be why the Thieves oil cleaner works so well. It’s getting rid of that scent. I’ve seen quite a bit less of them the past few days thank goodness.

    1. Jean Post author

      The spiders really introduced themselves but I’m glad they’re here. I’ve definitely seen a lot less of the annoying beetles.

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