Our Days In Duluth: Fishing, The Tower, And A Milkshake

On our last full day in Duluth, Minnesota, we did a bit more local exploring.  I’m a little bit late finishing my posts about our June vacation. You can read more about our days in Duluth here and in this post. And this post describes our time exploring the north shore.

J wanted to fish while on vacation so we took him to a lake to do that:  Finding the lake turned into quite the adventure as google apparently thought we wanted to visit “friends” near the lake and took us down a private residence road. Oops! After turning around, we arrived at our destination and J could finally cast a line. 

After a bit of lunch at Perkins (I had no idea a BLT could include only ONE slice of bacon! Did not make me happy.), we searched out Enger Tower for some amazing views of Lake Superior and the city of Duluth. 
We finished our final night in the city by walking along the Lake Walk to get malts at this cute little Malt Shop:  I didn’t manage any pictures of our wonderful malts. Worth the walk! However, have I mentioned how the whole city smelled like lilacs while we were there?  Once back at the hotel, I ran out to enjoy the Lake Walk (and snap another photo or two) one last evening. If possible I would have brought the Lake Walk home with us, it would be in my backyard. Lake Superior as well!  

Just looking at the photos makes me want to return.

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2 thoughts on “Our Days In Duluth: Fishing, The Tower, And A Milkshake

    1. Jean Post author

      You definitely need to do the Lake Walk. It was one of my favorite parts of our vacation. Probably helped that we were essentially staying right on it. A student a preschool today mentioned their family was going on vacation to Minnesota & I was a bit jealous 😉 Of course, they may have been going to the big mall. Don’t always get time for detailed conversations when passing through classrooms…

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