What’s Going On Wednesday

Been a while since I’ve posted a general “What’s Going On Wednesday” post. Seemed like a good morning  afternoon to share one.  Of course, with one teenager still sleeping it seems like morning.

Today’s Plan Vs Today’s Reality

Last night I woke up about 2:00 AM and realized the house did not feel very cool.  We were all awake because the a/c went out. And 81 degrees is not very cool outside either.

My husband installed (yes, in the middle of the night!) the window unit pictured above so we could have a bit of relief and everyone had their own fan. And no, I had no idea we had a spare window unit hanging out in our garage. For once, my husband’s insistence on keeping everything did not annoy me. Let’s keep that our secret, please.

I thought we would go swimming again today but instead I had to wait for the a/c repairman. He arrived early! And fixed our a/c! Can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for him arriving early AND for it being an easy fix. A broken part, not a whole new unit.

Sleeping Or Swimming

Since none of us slept well, I am not sure we’ll go ahead with our swimming plans. I’ll probably leave it up to the boys. Maybe we’ll just do water balloons in the yard instead. I know I could go for a nap today! Tomorrow and Friday I work again plus the boys do have plans to go swimming with their cousin this weekend.

One thing I think we’ll do today is get our free Slurpees from 7-11. Seems like an easy one!  We need to pick up some cards so we may do that first and then get the Slurpees.

Of course, if the boys want to go swimming, we’ll do that!

Working On The Summer Bucket List

While waiting on the a/c repairman to show, I started working on one of my summer bucket list items. Taking inventory of the dish cloths and kitchen towels.

The oil diffuser is spewing out lavender, peppermint, and lemon. (run it more, one of the other items on the list)

I’m tackling my list in bits and pieces working around my work schedule. Perhaps, I’ll update the list at the end of July.

A Song For Summer With Two Teenagers

This song popped into my head today. Last summer, J wanted to fun stuff with me still and G sometimes went along with things. This summer, not so much.  They both want to do their own thing more often than they want to do anything with me.

Time to start figuring out a new kind of summer. I know we’ll still have fun and do fun stuff but it will just look different.  Finding myself thankful for my job with preschool kids where I can still be thought of as fun (sometimes).

What’s going on in your world on this Wednesday?

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3 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday

  1. Rebecca L Knox

    Oh, that’s hilarious! Not that your a/c went out, but that you were having a/c in the middle of the night at the same time we were. Our house is small and we have a window unit in the livingroom and a smaller one in our bedroom. After a very long day I finally got settled down late to catch up on my reading. When the a/c shut off I heard drip…drip…drip. What in the world? I got up to check and discovered that the drain hole outside was dirty and plugged and the a/c was dripping water INSIDE! All of my husband’s papers that were laying on the table underneath the a/c were soaked and so was the carpet! After shutting everything down, going out in the middle of the night to hook the water hose up, and cleaning the a/c out, then we spent another hour or so sucking up water out of the carpet. Not fun! Good job on tackling your summer bucket list! I hope your a/c is working now and that you get a better night’s sleep tonight. Blessings! <3
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..30 Days of Summer – Post # 9 – Summer Birds – Jenny Wren Comes To TeaMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh no, sorry you were having a/c issues as well AND in the middle of the night! Our a/c is back thank goodness. Hope you don’t have any more a/c issues over there. Middle of the night stuff is a bit over-rated, I think 😉

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