The Gifts Of Summer

I struggled with what summer post to write today. Everywhere I turn I see headlines for Christmas in July.  The stores scream at me in e-mails about all the fantastic deals I’m missing during their Christmas in July sales.

I think I should play along and join in the fun. Watch Christmas movies. Drink frozen hot chocolate. Listen to Christmas carols.  Sometimes I’ll watch a Christmas movie in July but ultimately, that’s not me.

When the noise of the Christmas in July headlines and sales are too much, I seek my summer solace on the front porch. It’s where I sat as I struggled what to post about for this season I love so much.  As much as I love summer, it doesn’t lend itself well to blog posts. Not for this blogger. It’s a season of doing and enjoying and simply being. Enjoying the gifts of the season.

(Note: Just like we all might take delight in that plaid Christmas sweater, I’m sure things I think of as treasures could easily be someone else’s trash.)

My Favorite Gifts Of Summer

ONE: The Weather   

I love the hot, humid days to spend sitting poolside or even hiding in the movie theater. A gentle rain. A good pop up thunderstorm. And for you fall loving folks, the cooler mornings and nights that seep into the air as mid-summer passes into late summer.

Two: The Flowers 

Although I may battle a few bugs, I love wandering around the yard and looking at the flowers blooming in the summer. Some I’ve planted.  Some I haven’t.  I don’t object to any of them. And neither do most of the insects.

Three: Speaking Of Insects

It’s time for the butterflies! And the moths. Relaxing to sit and watch.  I’m also enjoying my busy little green bees, though they decline photos. Much too busy!

Four: Time Spent With Family

This applies to all seasons, of course. However, summer lends well to easy days of being together. Road trips (okay, not always easy), time at home, and (mostly) no worries about all the things to do the next day or week.


There are more but I want to leave some room in this post to get to our next link up for the 30 Days of Summer Blogging Fun.  Tell me in the comments what’s your favorite gift of summer?

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3 thoughts on “The Gifts Of Summer

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  2. Rebecca L Knox

    Christmas in July! How I relish the thought of that, but haven’t participated anything like that for decades. I remember when I lived in Blue Springs and I was selling Avon (this was back in the early 80’s) I did a Christmas in July showing at my home…put up the Christmas tree, lights, and the whole nine yards. What a great showing it was! It proved very successful, but…yes…that was a long time ago. Like you, now, I do enjoy walking around my yard, seeing what’s in bloom, and watching nature take its course. Hope you’re having a great day, Jean! Blessings! <3
    Rebecca L Knox recently posted..30 Days of Summer – Post #18 – Summer SalesMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh I bet that was a lot of fun. However, I think putting up the Christmas tree once a year is enough for me. Hope you’re having a great day today as well.

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