My Rock Star Tour Of The Prairie

Last Saturday, I visited my friend and fellow blogger, Rebecca from Rebecca’s Hearth And Home. She’s co-hosting the 30 Days of Summer blogging series.

We both live in Missouri.  Saturday I took a solo road trip to visit her down at Prairie State Park. It’s about a 2 hour drive from here.  Meant I didn’t need to leave here at the crack of dawn. Slept in a bit, filled the car with gas, ran by McDonald’s for breakfast, and hit the road.

Have you ever gone on a solo road trip?

Rebecca gave me a rock star tour of the park! Did I mention she’s just as lovely in person as in blogland? And of course, I didn’t get a single picture of us together. Thankfully, she thought to have us take a selfie on the prairie with her device. You can see that picture on her post here.

Prairie State Park is quite large. Large enough for a buffalo herd to roam!  We toured the park in a truck first.  I learned so much about the buffalo and prairie from her.

Our first stop was to observe the buffalo:

Eventually, we made our way back to the nature center and she (hopefully) managed to get a bit of work done while I wandered around the displays and watched a very interesting movie about the prairie.  Hard to imagine my beloved trees were once so sparse.

Next, she graciously agreed to go on a hike with me out on the prairie.  

The prairie’s not flat and soon we could no longer see the nature center building from the trail. The prairie is large and expansive and full of wildflowers!  And insects! Loud buzzing cicadas. One flew by and I may have jumped a few feet! Bees. Butterflies. Grasshoppers.

She pointed out some special birds (more about those in Saturday’s bird watching post): 

Did I mention the prairie is massive? In the short time I spent there, they had to search for 3 lost hikers! All safely found.

A quick hike behind the building to try to capture the wide open feeling of the prairie:

Photos just can’t quite capture it. Like they can’t quite capture the wonderful time I had meeting a new friend who felt like an old friend.

Extra time to spend with friends, new and old alike. One of the best parts of summer!

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