Can You Spot It? A Quick Summer Nature Puzzle

My husband loves those online find the image puzzles. And many kids enjoy the I Spy books.

This morning I sat on the front porch soaking in some sunlight after watering my garden. I noticed a bit of movement near my hanging basket of petunias.

Do you see it?
Hint: It’s not purple. Those are my purple petunias!

Look closer at the green stems near the spent flowers. Do you see it now?  Maybe just a little as it’s behind the stem pictured above. How about a closer look at the greenery of the flowers?  Can you see the green Walking stick hiding in the photo? He’s on the bottom of the greenery. Doesn’t he blend in well?  Here’s the first angle again. Easier to see him now that you know he’s there.  Here’s a bit of information about our Walking Stick. I believe this one is a juvenile.

Do you like hidden picture puzzles?


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