Next 30 Days Of Summer Link Up

Where oh where did my summer go? It’s still summer and yet, school starts tomorrow. I’ve been working lots and haven’t had nearly enough pool time.


Still, I plan to enjoy this later part of summer between all the faux fall business. And hopefully, do a much better job blogging about it.

I know a few friends who might favor late summer because it’s that much closer to fall.  Six weeks of summer left if you’re counting. I actually saw a ground-hog tonight. He couldn’t see his shadow due to the clouds. I think that means 6 full weeks of summer left, right?  Sorry, no early fall this year.

A few of my late summer favorites: Monarch butterflies, the beginning of the migrating birds, sunflowers, Labor Day weekend, fairs and carnivals (though I don’t know how many we’ll get to visit), late summer garden harvest and fried green tomatoes.

This post was pretty short as its main function was just to get our link up. I do have a longer post in progress for later.

What are some of your late summer favorites?



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2 thoughts on “Next 30 Days Of Summer Link Up

  1. Rebecca L Knox

    You already know that I’m one of the friends that is anxiously awaiting fall and, yes, I do enjoy late summer because it does put me one step closer…BUT…late summer favorites here includes bright yellow sunflowers, pretty purple asters, big bluestem grass, migrating monarchs, the slowing down after a heavy summer workload, and the local fair. I took two granddaughters out for their birthdays today…one for lunch and one for supper…two different towns in two different directions. Now it’s storming and we’re getting heavy rains. Hope you’re having a great Thursday!

    1. Jean Post author

      Glad you are getting some of the much needed rain down there! Things may slow down for my work closer to fall but everything else gets busier, LOL! Happy Friday!


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