What’s Going On Wednesday: A Late Summer Day At Home!

One of my favorite late summer things is the house to my self during the day.  Remember, school starts while it’s still summer around here.

I helped with the first full week of preschool all last week and worked yesterday and today. However, today, I’m finally getting that wonderful day at home by myself.  It’s been glorious!

Have I been sitting and staring mindlessly at Netflix all day? Nope. Some day soon perhaps.

Today, I’ve been busy working on a Done list instead of a to-do list. As I finish my items, I write them down on my list.  Giving myself a much-needed sense of accomplishment as I tackle little (and a few big) things around here.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Cleaned both bathrooms including steam mopping the floors
  2. Cleared all the miscellaneous papers off our fridge and cleaned it off
  3. Completely cleared off the kitchen table
  4. Wiped off the kitchen chairs
  5. Steam mopped the kitchen floor
  6. Washed the shower curtain and bath mat (Laundry/ongoing)
  7. Listened to all the answering machine messages (erased all the sales calls)
  8. Cleared off the sofa and used the cat hair roller
  9. Paid the (overdue, oops!) trash bill
  10. Wrote this blog post

Short List for the rest of today:

  1. Pay rest of bills (hoping I didn’t miss any others that were due)
  2. Laundry (ongoing)
  3. Clear off this computer desk (Some of the stuff from the fridge relocated. SIGH)
  4. Clean off back deck
  5. Have cup of tea and read my book

If by some miracle I get tomorrow and Friday off as well, I’ll make an actual to-do list. I see so many projects as I’m cleaning the house.

Are your kids back in school yet? What little (or big) projects are you tackling this week?





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