My Summer Hygge Attempt And The Next 30 Days Of Summer Link Up

My apologies for not posting a 30 days link up or post last week. Sometimes, life or work rather takes over blogging. Hopefully, you’ve been hopping over to my friend, Rebecca’s blog as she is keeping up for both of us! Be sure to go check out all her great summer posts. 

Today felt a bit more fall like around here. So strange or maybe Midwest normal. Yesterday, the temperature hovered in the mid to high 90’s all day. Then, a quick and heavy rainstorm raged through. Today,the temperature’s did not hit 80 degrees. And clouds all day long.

A great day for a bit of Danish hygge.

Have you heard of Hygge? It’s a Danish word meaning something close to “cozy.” Check out Meik Wiking’s The Little Book of Hygge for more information.

Pronounced Hoo-Ga. (When I stop to think of the correct pronunciation, I for some reason must think it in a Cookie Monster voice. I have no idea why but it helps me remember how to say it.)

It’s mostly a concept for the fall and winter months. However, I thought I’d try for a bit of Summer Hygge out on the backyard deck. (This was a few weeks back when the weather was a bit more mid-summer cooperative.)

If you plan to spend a Midwest evening outside in these parts, bring bug repellant. Unless you’re throwing a party for the mosquitoes. I’m nice but I’m not that nice!

A key component of hygge is candles. I didn’t have any Citronella candles for atmosphere but I did have a fun Citronella Incense Lantern thing.  Neither my son or myself could quite figure it out and broke both the ones I bought.  I just sort of made do with it. 

I sat out on the deck and read my magazine as the sun set and my little Carolina wrens started to chatter.   Not sure whether or not I did manage the summer hygge but I enjoyed my time out there.

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