Late Summer Blooms

“It’s still summer!”  I cry as I wave off the crowds of pumpkin spice latte fanatics with my spray sunscreen.

The calendar confirms this. We have twenty glorious days of late summer left to enjoy.  One way I’m enjoying it is my morning walk around the yard (with the cat) to check on the garden.

It’s almost time to plant those fall bulbs but for now I’m enjoying my late summer blooms around the yard.

My morning glories finally bloomed! I planted these a bit late and did not expect to see any blooms. I’d given up for this year when one morning I walked out the door to this glorious (get it?) site!

An actual Morning Glory bloom!  And another one is almost ready! After a few rainy days throughout the week, a few brief encores from the rose-bush! A much welcome sight after their earlier summer battle with the beetles.  The geraniums wanted an encore as well!  And a new flower joined the garden. Pretty but uninvited. Unidentified by this amateur gardener as well. What is this white vine stealing the spotlight from the other flowers?  It’s not the same as this, another one enjoying a late summer encore. Or rather attempting to shine amid the uninvited crowd.  I’m not sure what it’s called either but I did invite it home from the garden store earlier in the summer.

And while I did indeed get a super late start on carving out my butterfly garden area of the front yard, a butterfly visited it!  

What’s blooming in your yard?

And if you’re one of the those fall fanatics, please save me a latte for when the season truly arrives in a few more weeks.

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