Another Nature Puzzle For One Of Our Final Summer Link Ups

It’s still summer! Even if today was a drizzly, dreary day. And even if it cooled off a bit tonight. (Admittedly, I’m a bit glad about it because the rain earlier was only increasing the humidity by about 500 percent)

School’s started. However, it’s still summer. For a few more weeks. Not too many more as this will be one of the final 3 link ups for the 30 Days of Summer Blogging Fun series.

Just another quick nature puzzle for my link up post. Took these photos on a sunny mid-August day.

Found yet another creature on my Black-eyed Susan flowers. Probably going to be hardest to spot in the first photo. The green pod thing is on my tropical milkweed. Look more to the far right of the photo to search for the creature.  Do you see the “stem” over there? Here’s my first close-up attempt (a bit blurry):  I think you can tell now that the stem is indeed an insect. What kind of insect?  A praying mantis!  The praying mantis refused cooperation for a proper photo from the front.  Interesting to find this brown fellow. Usually, the ones I spot around here are green.

Another sign of summer’s final end giving up to fall: the number of crickets and grasshoppers jumping around outside. Hope they stay there and don’t invite themselves into the basement.

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